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I am buta simple girl with simple wishes; mywishes include the following:

A world of Snarry and Harco goodness

To BE Ms J. K. Rawling

To have 5 males who look like Salazar Slytherin, Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy, and Harry Potter at my beck and call to fulfill my every fantasy.

And MOST importantly of all... to read good fanfiction.

Now i cant have items 1, 2, or 3... then i guess i will go with item 4. So if you find any good ones passs them on, please..

I have decided to write stories when im bord when i finish each i will post.. reviews are aprecieated, flame all you like, in fact i incourage it. i want to know my faults in writting and i want HONEST opinions.

NOTE: I am not the best writer but i am very good at breacking down plots and writting plots, but i seem to lack the finess to write a story.

I apologise but my current stories are on Hatius untill i am full setled again. I am preping for collage and will keep writing in the time I have but any updates will be few and far in between untill a minimum of the end of September. I apologise to those who would like to hear more right now but I have very little time.

All thats good

All thats true

All thats right

Oh well it dosent matter...Latter!

DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU REALLY HAVE A BURNING NEED TO KNOW! I write this in my profile because so few will look at it. I have sworn on July 22 of the year 2007 to lose a total of 100lbs befor July 22nd of the year 2008. I will post post a new update or short story everytime I lose 5lbs between untill than. I find myself weighing at the moment 299lbs. and this is a resolution as much for myself as for my readers. So when I update any who read my profile if you reveiw than congradulate me, because I am that much closer to my gaol. and I will be keeping tabs on the amount I lose and when I update. Wish me Luck. Love HeatherLB

Wahhhhhhhhhhhh. I just weighed myself I gained back 20lbs while studying for my finals... This sucks. I NEED ENCOUROUGMENT!

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