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Okay so this is longer than I thought it would be...


Hello! I’m an obsessed fan who loves Voltron: Legendary Defender, Star Wars, Sherlock, and Marvel, among others, and I write when inspiration strikes. I have a VERY busy life, so I don’t update as often as most authors. I also crosspost on a03 with the same username do you can check that out, too, if you really want to. Just as a fun fact, my favorite characters are Obi-Wan Kenobi (hence the name) from Star Wars, Shiro from V:LD, and Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and Loki from Marvel! So these characters are probably more prominent (not always) in my stories if not outright the main character, because I love them to pieces. (And I’m biased *cough*)


You will probably hear me mention someone often, named AprilOfTheStars (aka April). She’s my best friend, and we love to write together. Several of my stories are co-written with her, and if they aren’t, then they are probably edited by her, or both. She is a fantastic writer, and I love to read her stories, so you should definitely check her writing out!!

{April Edit: She’s not wrong; I even grammar-checked this ;) }


Typically when it comes to updates, I try to do it on a schedule. Mostly it has been one chapter a week, but I’ve been thinking of posting them more often. Also, I write all of my stories before I post them, except for special occasions like a suggestion story or others like that. That’s probably why it takes me so long to produce stories (I won’t lie though. I’m a slow writer with a very busy life) but I do this so I don’t leave people hanging.

Current Stories:

Down But Not Dead:

Completed as of now. I left it with a nasty cliffhanger and I’m kinda sorry. I might continue it if I get the time. I’m planning on continuing it, but I get other ideas that takes its place.

From Star Wars

Sleeping with Demons:


From V:LD

Puppet of Agony:


From Marvel

Like a Moth to the Flame:


From Marvel

Voltron AU’s

In progress

From Voltron

Future Stories:

  • April and I have been writing a Marvel story with Doctor Strange and Loki about the end credit scene from Doctor Strange. It takes place right after Thor: Ragnorak assuming that the Asgardians actually make it to Earth. So no Infinity War Spoilers here!! The plot deals a lot with Mordo and his drive to steal other sorcerers’ magic, and he goes a little crazy with power! It’s called Beautiful Liars, and it should be up on April’s account.
  • This story basically happened because I really wanted to write some angst and hurt characters so what happened was a story about all the paladins in Voltron stranded on a planet and badly hurt. It is set with the original paladins in the season one/two era because I love the original paladin lineup. I am about halfway through it so far, and trust me when I say all of the paladins are going to go through a world of hurt *grins evilly* Yeah, sorry not sorry! Feel free to read it when I post it if you enjoy character whump!
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