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what-if scenarios are one of my favorite things about fanfiction, seeing my favorite characters react to different realistic (for the universe) problems is one of the best entertainment sources I have.

I don't watch anime much, but I do read a lot of manga, with my tops for now being My Hero Academia, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, Isekai Nonbiri Nouka, Shuumatsu no Walkure (Record of Ragnorok), Demon Slayer, and a few others.

My all time favorites are Fairy Tail, as the first manga I ever read; Hitman Reborn, the one that got me thinking about power systems; and both Negima-sensei and To-Love-Ru teaching me Character Growth.

Unpopular opinions:

The Naruto Ships aren't weak because Kishimoto can't write romance, but because he listened to the fans and tried to switch the relationships after they were almost canon. If you pay attention, even half-way through the original Naruto Manga, you can see how Kishimoto is working a slow-burn for Naruto and Sakura, almost all the way to the Kage-meeting arc and that dumb-ass "lie confession"

RWBY is now officially trash. at about mid-volume 3, you can see how the writers was slowly starting to twist the story, retconning a small piece here or there, switch the focus to less ruby and more Jaune, I already knew Phyrra was going to die, so no shock there. I refuse to watch beyond season 5, but from the sound of it, I'm glad that I've already jumped ship for this show.

STORIES: Fate tends to be the franchise that's on my mind the most often, so naturally most of my fics will be in the fate fandom.

Have a few in progress, but slow going; after the disaster that were the first few I posted here, I want to make sure that these turn out better.

I do have a few others bouncing around in my head; a Nier and Type-Moon crossover, a Fate/Zero story, and a Kingdom Hearts/Fate crossover.

EDIT: Recently I've been playing Fate/Grand Order and watching Kaleid (and losing my sanity with both) in order to help with my various stories, and since I've been getting ideas for more, decided to put a few of my big ideas here as challenges/prompts, so here I go:

(PS, if anyone wants to use these, feel free to hit me up!)

The first idea is a Nasuverse x Nier: Automata crossover

When the Dragon and the Giant rip into Tokyo in 2008-9ish (to give the various casts time to grow up) the resulting chaos causes the many Magecraft and Magic Circles, such as Atlas Academy, the Magus Association, and The Church, to come out into the open in order to help study/help with the resulting fallout. With Project Gestalt under way, another project begins; Cryogenics. various 100-200 member groups per (few) country(or Continent?) get frozen, with 27 (because symbolism) members to act as leaders, to wake up in a couple centuries. Unfortunately, something knocks the timer out, so it isn't until a few MILLENIA pass (the ending of route E in Automata) that a group begins to wake up, beginning with Shirou as a scout.

while the main group of 83-183 people will either stay frozen till the end of the story or die in the millennia passing, I've only been able to figure out a few characters for the 27, and need more info on Tsukihime in order to see if even all of those will work. So far I've got:

Shirou (UWB), to act as the first Scout; as someone who will put the safety of humanity above even himself, plus on a higher level of combat strength than even most Magus, he would be perfect, and if that wasn't enough, I feel Rin would bring up UWB and his distortion to Lorelei in order to get him a spot.

Lorelei, as overall leader, thanks to Blue Blood Circuits and Experience as Vice-Director.

Waver Velvet, as an experienced professor.

Rin, as Zelretch's Apprentice

Maybe Bazett, if she survived? Definitely one or two Fraga

Shiki, because of his Mystic Eyes

Maybe Arcueid Brunestud, because Zelretch. Depends on if Dead Apostle's even can breed with humans. (no point wasting space for someone that won't be able to ensure species survival)

Maybe Aoko Aozaki, if she wouldn't be to busy trying to stop the WCS (White Chlorination Syndrome) from spreading.

Maybe Touko, if her puppet bodies even can conceive.

Issei, as a cultural leader/record

Caren, same as Issei

Taiga, as a Mundane teacher (national level Kendo helps too)

and I'm not too sure who else; Illya would already be dead, and Sakura in UBW I think never gets the damage Zolken did to her fixed.

I think it would have to be the UBW Route however, as Fate route Shirou would refuse a seat in order to be with Arturia, and Heaven's Feel would make sure Sakura would be OK and then give his seat to someone else thanks to his lingering guilt, possibly Medusa. (which would be a good story, just not one I want to write)

Fate x Kingdom Heats

After Shirou ends up accidentally touching Zelretch's Key Blade (because if these crossed over, there's no way Zelretch wouldn't have one) a false Holy Grail War Activates in Fuyuki using Shadow Servants instead of the real thing, and ends up partially activating, allowing the Darkness to attack, plunging Japan into impenetrable shadows. Rin, Shirou, and Sakura, being at the center, get blasted into the land for lost souls, Traverse Town...

Not too sure when to have this happen KH timeline wise, but I'm leaning towards 2. Also debating whether to de-age our Fated Trio to better fit with the main cast...

"Kalied"ed Fate; a straight Fate/Stay night fic

In which Rin in frustration of Ruby purposely over-Reinforces the stick before tossing it, hoping to get rid of it. Unfortunately Shirou, Having heard Rin's... Frustrated yells, had run into the alley she was in, straight into Ruby. The explosion implants pieces of the Kaleidoscope powered stick into Shirou, causing him to go into a coma due to physical, magical, and mental shock, until he's able to sort his memories and knows he needs to do something about the Grail. And Zolken, Definitely Zolken. His solution: depower the Grail by having the various master tap into the previous four wars worth of Prana and summon more servants.

I have Four Servants per Master, and did my best to sort them by what Master would fit which Servant... to various Affects. (and the capital is earned, I feel)

Shirou: Arturia, Mordred, Okita, and Siegfried (because fight me, but if he didn't have Avalon Shirou would have summoned Siegfried instead)

Rin: EMIYA, Chiron, Maid Marion (as Robin Hood), and Scathath (as Lancer)

Sakura: Medusa, (Fem) Achilles, Francis Drake, and possibly Zealot?

Bazett: Cu, Hektor, Bran the Blessed (Caster), and Sun WuKong (Lancer or Caster)

Illya: Herakles, Odysseys (Archer), Kiritsugu, and Frankenstein

Medea: Sasaki, Edgar Allen Poe (Caster), and Vortigern (Berserker)

Luvia: Gawain (Rider), Walt Disney (Caster), Beowulf, and D'Artagnan (Assassin, I originally got the idea from "The Three Musketeers" but it seems like he's actually based on Charles de Batz de Castelmore... huh.)

And yes, I did get the original idea from "Nerve Damage" over here on Fanfiction.

Devil May Cry x Fate cross

I have two ideas for this;

The first, a classic "Shirou is Dante's son, and begins to awaken his devil side that night"

The second, Zelretch, having experimented on the Class Cards and how they interact with the sticks, ends up accidently "dropping" them, one set of which goes into the DMC universe, and decides to hire Devil May Cry to find and collect them while he tries to find the other set of stick and cards. (Not to sure if I want that set to go into the FF7 world, Negima's, or Fairy tail's. [oh, or KHR's, seeing one of the Arcobello dressing up with Ruby would be entertaining.])

And of course I've gotten into making a "various anime characters are summoned as Servants" but I also want to make one with video game characters.

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