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Ahh~ I have lots of ideas and stories to write but I'm too lazy and quite busy to the point I forgot most of them. Sucks.

BUT ANYWAY! I have goodie good news! I'm working on my Naruto fanfictions. Check it out if you have time. Thanks!


Name: It's a secret :P

Gender: Female

I have straight black-colored hair which I'm planning to dye ash gray, olive skin, dark brown eyes, small nose and 5'1".

I like aesthetic things, listening to music, dancing, my mom's cooking, family day out, photography, rain, and hot chocolate.

My hobbies are reading fanfictions and other literature that I find interesting, writing but I don't have confidence in my skill, cooking because it gives a certain kind of comfort, sleeping in because I really need it, experimenting with make-up (I like the art of make-up), photography is given time and inspiration and yada yada.

I dislike unfair people, sexism, death, perverted idiots, arrogant people, war, bullies, unrequited love, romance, pairing my favorite male characters with women that I despised, depression and anxiety.

My dream for the future is to become someone successful in her career, happy and contented, actually do the things I like, have a chance to shine even for a short time, be genuinely in love, marry a good, kind, understanding and loyal man, have two kids , retire, travel and die happy.

I'm the kind of person who doesn't really have a lot of confidence like what people thought, I have a lot of insecurities but I'm not jealous, I have a good judgement of character and enough compassion, I could read people like they're an open book (I hope I could consider that as a talent), I'm kind to the right people and I get discourage easily. I'm lazy af.

I'm at the point of life where I prefer being with family compared to spending time with friends.






My Hero Academia

Sanrio Danshi


Gakkuen Babysitters

Killing, Stalking

Blood Bank


Detective Conan

Black Clover

The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime


Pokemon (Red, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Platinum, Black Version etc)

Naruto Ninja Impact and others

Harvest Moon

Ninja Turtles

Simulation games etc


Naruto movies except The Last Movie (I seriously doesn't like how Naruto and Hinata ended up. Poor romance)

Frozen (Let it go, Let it go)

Moana (The line in sky meets the sea, it calls meeeee..)

Detective Conan Movies

Harry Potter

Percy Jackson

Hunger Games


J.K. Rowling

Rick Riordan


Eldest of 3 Loves plushies and daydreaming I love making cute notes

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