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Hello my friends...I am Yami...that's right...Yami the Duel monsters Champion...the keeper of the shadow powers! WSL JK! (wsl=lol) Well anyways if u can't tell...I'm obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh! Most of my FanFics will be Yu-Gi-Oh but I will do other things to. I'm a beginer..butI will always try my best...please don't go easy on my reviews.
My Favorite colors are green, black, and silver and im startin high school this year...yes I, Yami, is a fish.. and I'm proud to be a fish. Also I am in band as a percussionist so marching season. WAI! (yay) Also im learning Japeneese (spelled wrong) but im not good at it. NowI like teen pop and rock and metal. Yeah wierd combo.
Now the last thingI want to say is that I LOVE FANTA! It's the best soda ever...and it taste delicious. My favorite Video Game is Zelda bcause Link is so awsome just like Atemu(Yami) and Bakura (Yami Bakura). Alright I'm done hope you enjoy me FanFics.

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