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I'm in my late twenties and fixing to graduate from medical school. I've been floating around the fanfiction community for quite some time now, well over a decade (which is incredibly hard to believe, I still remember my first fantastic fic!). I read a ton, some that I keep up with throughout their lifetime, others that I drop after a chapter or two of reading, and still others I start and then later manage to forget to keep up with and reread. There are a few fics that I hold with the highest regard, that I could never forget, and could read a million times over like the stories they were fashioned after. They go under a special 'legends' folder in the good 'ole fanfiction tab in my bookmarks ;)

I love excellent reads that I struggle to put down, and if I take the time to sign in and review your story, I must have seriously deemed it worthwhile, because I rarely put aside my laziness to sign in... apologies to all who my laziness wins out on. I love a story that manages to make me think and question, and is capable of making me laugh like crazy or cry like mad. Any story that sticks with me after I've put it down, is one that I find well worthwhile.

Favorite Fics to Read: Harry Potter (Lily/James, Dramione, or anything with Sirius!), Suits (Harvey/Donna!), Twilight (a fanfic guilty pleasure), Final Fantasy (VII, VIII, X, XII), and Burn Notice (Michael/Fi but of course!)

I do adore writing, but I'm hardly reliable enough at the moment to commit to writing any lengthy fanfic. Perhaps if I wrote it all at once and didn't have to worry about leaving lovely reviewers on the hook I'd get back to it!

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