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Okay, so I was recently told by my friend that I need to update my profile...so I will endeavor to do so as I completely agree with her...it has been nearly two years since I updated it last.

So, first off I am a college student in Utah, which means that I don't necessarily know everything even though I wish I did. I am more of a reader than a writer when it comes to fanfiction, but I have recently tried my hand at writing a few stories.

I currently have several multi-chapters stories in the works, but I won't post them until I have them at least most of the way done so I can attempt to update at least moderately consistently.

Fanfictions I enjoy reading mostly consist of: Harry Potter, Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar:the Last Airbender, iCarly, Criminal Minds, Life With Derek, and the occasional Power Rangers and Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys.

I am pretty varied in my favorite pairings but mostly Hermione and just about anyone but the bad guys (voldemort/greyback/Lucius) or any other pairings where Hermione breaks up a great relationship (Molly/Arthur). I am a HUGE Zutara fan, Kataang is just awkward to me, but Taang and Tokka are cute too. As far as Criminal Minds pairings I like Dave/JJ, Hotch/Emily, Reid/Elle and Morgan/Garcia ships. Frank and Nancy are awesome together and I won't bother listing the millions of pairings that I like from Power Rangers. And for Stargate I'm a fan of Sam and Jack, Daniel and Vala, Daniel and Janet, Cam and Carolyn, Sheppard and Weir, McKay and Dr. Keller, and Ronon and Teyla. Then I am also a recently converted Jack/Elizabeth fan from Pirates.

As far as my stories go know this, One Decision That Changed Everything is a prequel/back story for just about all of my stories. If any relationship between Hermione and Draco confuses people in my stories please go and read this story.

I can't think of anything else to write here, so I'll just end this now, if you like my stories, tell me so in a review, I love favorites and alerts, but reviews are addictive.


Here is the link to the dress Hermione is wearing in She Was Beautiful. Copy and paste it into your address bar. Let me know if it doesn't work! _


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