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Editor and seeker of plagiarists and copyright infringers. Yes, I've been writing fan fiction since probably before you were born. Before the internet was even dreamed of. Back when TVs were black and white and the term "fan fiction" hadn't been thought of.

If you have a story to report for infringement and/or plagiarism, feel free to send me a "private message." Just click on the PM at the top left hand corner of the screen. You can also send me nasty asterisk filled notes if I have pointed out you are stealing the hard work of another author. I never block anyone, no matter how evil or foul.

However, before you do, please read this in its entirety: https://www.fanfiction.net/topic/145811/106013912/1/CI-and-You-A-Guide-to-Understanding-Copy-Infringement-Work-in-Progress

It explains the difference between copyright infringement and transformative fan fiction and why they are two different things, both legally and ethically. If you have further questions, feel free to ask or refer to the Organization for Transformative Works for further explanation.

Also, I have read the posting guidelines for FFN which specifically state: Actions Not Allowed: Copying from a previously published work (including musical lyrics) not in the public domain. Which means you can argue "fair use" until you are blue in the face but this site still forbids posting copyrighted material.

And, no, a 'disclaimer' is NOT a real legal thing. It is a confession of guilt--this is the person I stole this from--and in NO WAY allowed users to infringe on a copyright. And, yes the RULES SAY NO COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL.

Also, claiming that stealing from another author is "free publicity" is even dumber than the usual excuses I see. Authors, including the people who write song lyrics, make their money by selling their material. Some talentless teenager stealing their work is not "publicity." It is theft, plain and simple. If you want the right to use another writer's works, you have to PAY a ROYALTY FEE for that right.

That's all I care about. That users follow the guidelines, the terms of service and the law. Do that and you will never hear from me.

Seriously. READ the posting guidelines you agreed to. READ the terms of service agreed to. Notice the complete lack of the term disclaimer in either of those sets of rules. And don't think calling me names is going to change the fact that if you are breaking the rules, the fault lies with you.

May you all someday hold copyrights of your own and curse those darned kids on FFN who do not respect either your hard work or the law.

I have to go back to the magic disclaimer again. Sigh. It is not a real thing in the real world. It was made up by fan writers as sort of a joke. A disclaimer is, from a real world, legal standpoint, complete and total horse manure. That's why it doesn't appear in the posting guidelines or the terms of service. Because it is meaningless. If you are infringing on copyright, it would be treated as a confession. And if you are writing transformative fan fiction, as I do, you don't need it. Really.

Oh, and I'm still around. Never been banned or even chastised by the admins because what I'm doing is encouraging legal, ethical and creative behavior. Actually the admins and I get along all right. Now if they would just ban more of the thieving idiots who infest this cesspit of a site, I'd be really happy.

Oh, and I don't believe you when you say your father is a lawyer or you are a lawyer if you then say something to me that is dead wrong from a legal point of view and just plain stupid to boot. Kids don't believe it but adults can tell the difference between children throwing a snit fit and an actual educated adult merely in the way you write, spell (or don't spell) and frame your ludicrous so-called arguments. Sigh.


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