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hi everyone. My name is Kris. My co-writers name is Sarah. No, we are not the people in the story, we merely gave them our first names. (oops. thats for the new story. hehe. take that as a hint that a new story is coming.).were not ababndoning our old stories, don't worry. I am just rewriting them. the same plotline...different other things. not too many changes. uhm...were keeping the stories on our site so you can see if you kinda-sorta like them. from now on, im posting stories in one chapter. you know how it says...this many chapters, and this many words. well, itll be:one chapter...lots of words. lol.the three girls in our stories our going to basically centered in many stories. right now, we are working on a higher year for them in hogwarts, but later, after that story is finished, we will work on the prequel. mmkay? any questions? if there are...just review me and i will answer them.

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