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N Umbra
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I mainly read fanfiction but I finally got round to writing some at one point.

I guess if you're here it's because you're a fan of something similar to me. So, umm...

Hi, I'm a socially repressed anime-loving reader who spends way too much of their time online. I've enjoyed many different fandoms over the years but the ones I always come back to have had a huge influence on me and my writing.

I read more fanfiction than anything else (as ever) but I've recently read the entirety of the Boku No Hero Academia manga thanks to it being recomended to me by two very persistent friends.

I have recently gotten back into the Detective Conan fandom so who knows, those KaiShin oneshots may have more of their kind joining them soon. Maybe - (i have commitment issues).

Currently I have no inspiration when it comes to my Harry Potter x Vampire Knight story, so I don't particularly plan on continuing it any time soon. Sorry to anyone who was reading that and enjoying it.

(in hindsight that fic was not particularly well written or thought out at all so it crashing and burning was more or less inevitable)

However! I have plans to continue my KaiShin drabbles for the forseeable future (hopefully?), so don't worry about that (too much)!

Also, I have recently noticed an anonymous hate reviewer. If you have a problem with anything I write, that's OK, but please mention your specific problem with my work and what you find offensive or wrong about it. I have no argument with critics, but pointless hate is just that; pointless.

Well I hope you have a good day (or probably night) browsing and reading fanfiction. And I hope you like my fics.

-N Umbra

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