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I am a lover of anything Gilmore Girls or Twilight Related for this site!

Favorite bands: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and H.I.M. there is more but those are the main three!

Stuff about that story of mine...

I will post character bios here for the characters that i make up.And other stuff.

Siobhan- Bella's cousin through her mom. That means that Charlie and Roseanne (Siobhan's mom who you will meet later in the story) are siblings. She is very eccentric and loud at times (okay.. all of the time...). She can read people's thoughts, like Edward, only she can't get specific details, its more of a vibe of what there thinking about. For example, if bella is thinking about how much she loves edward, Siobhan will know that is what she is thinking about but not specifics. Thats why she doesnt know Edward is a vampire yet.

James- He actually likes being a vampire cause his human life wasnt all that great. HE IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM THE EVIL JAMES!! it was my huge mistake when making names but it suites him so I kept it. I will get more into his Family and his human life in the story. tBC





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