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Hello there! Welcome to my profile! I used to be simply hbndgirl, but I never liked that all that well. Instead, I have begun using the pen-name Elizabeth Joan, but I have left the "hbndgirl" on there so that everyone who followed me will still know who I am.

I am graduated from college with a degree in English and have self-published a few short middle-school level books under my own name (if you happen to be interested in those, feel free to PM me for details). However, none of that has dampened my love of writing fanfiction.

I primarily write Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew. I'm mostly a fan of the blue spine/yellow spine books and HeR Interactive's PC games, but I have read books from almost every Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew series published and I've watched most of the movies and TV shows. I use elements from all of these, but far and away, I most often base stories on a kind of blend of original books and the PC games.

I also occasionally write stories for other fandoms. I have one for The Chronicles of Narnia that is now complete. I hope to write more Narnia stories in the future, but we'll just have to wait and see how that goes. I also have one that is a crossover for Emergency! and Adam-12 which is complete. I'm not super proud of it, but if you're interested, you might want to check it out. I'd like to write some better fanfics for these series, as they are some of my favorites (yeah, I'm kind of a nerd about '60s and '70s TV shows).

One thing that really annoys me, both in fanfiction and any other interaction with fans, is complaining about things you don't like in books/movies/TV shows/whatever. One of the reasons I stick mostly with the Nancy Drew/Hardys Boys fandom is because most of the people on there are too busy focusing on what they love about these books to complain much about what they hate. Even so, Nancy still gets quite a bit of bashing on this site (I get it - I'm not a Francy fan either, but seriously, there's way more to Nancy than just who she's dating) and ever since HeR Interactive came out with Midnight in Salem, there's been a lot of bashing directed in that direction, too (maybe it wasn't their best game ever, but it wasn't the total disaster a lot of fans like to make it out to be). It's also a major reason why, despite loving The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Chronicles of Narnia, I don't interact with those fandoms on here is because so many really talented writers waste their energy on despising the movies and making fun of them. It's all right if you don't care for the movies and you write solely book-verse fanfics. I do the same thing when adaptations of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys that I don't like are concerned, but you don't have to make a big deal about it. Write about the Hardy Boys, but you don't have to make a point of saying that you will not write about Nancy under any circumstances. Write your fix-it fic about Midnight in Salem, but let your writing speak for itself whether it's better than the game or not. Write about blond Caspian, but don't make a big point about how he's not dark-haired. (Am I the only one here who thinks that hair color isn't that important for a character whose hair color is mentioned exactly twice in the four books that he appears in? If I am, so be it, but I honestly don't care what color Caspian's hair is--or anybody else's.) Anyway, you may be sure that my stories are a celebration of things I love, not a condemnation of things I don't, so if you happen to disagree on me about whether the original or some adaptation is better, then you still can enjoy my stories without that little wrinkle of irritation. (Unless hair colors are a really big deal to you, because I probably won't even mention them ;) ).

The other big thing I don't like in fanfiction is romance. It's not that I dislike love stories (within other stories, of course--stories that are solely love stories usually bore me quickly), but rather than I dislike romance rated above a K. If I wouldn't let a kid under thirteen read it, it probably doesn't belong on a website where kids under thirteen can read it and I don't have any control over it, especially considering that I right mostly for a series that is meant for kids in that age category. To be honest, a lot of romance I've seen on this site (and then noped right out of) shouldn't be read by anyone, in my opinion. I, at any rate, will not be contributing to this. There is romance in many of my stories, but it's all rated K.

Finally, I am a Catholic, and that sometimes becomes apparent in my stories (none of my stories support anything that is opposed to Catholicism). My most especially obvious stories like this are the later ones in the Chapters series (especially The Legacy of Private Wilson) and throughout the White Roses series. If that bothers you, please don't read those series, or at least, only read the first three of Chapters. And if you read it anyway, please don't leave nasty reviews that insult my Faith. This isn't the place for it (there really isn't any place for that), as it is important that authors be able to write their own ideas and the focus should be on the stories themselves. On the other hand, I'm always up for a good discussion with no insults or nastiness if you have questions!

You can check out my stories down below. I'm working on a series called White Roses. The reason for the title will be more apparent as the series goes on. It is, at the base of it, a rewrite of my earlier series, the Chapters series, but it's pretty drastically changed. The overarching storyline and the OCs, as well as a few major plot points from various stories, are pretty well the only things it has in common with Chapters. Because of that, I'm leaving Chapters up exactly how I published each of the stories within it. However, I've always felt that that was a series I could have done much better, and this rewrite is my attempt at doing it. It's just that, after thinking about it for several years now (counting the time that I was writing Chapters), my original ideas have changed and grown.

I am only borrowing the characters I write about on here. I try to do my best to do right by them. I hope you enjoy my stories!

~Elizabeth Joan

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