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Greetings, Fellow Readers!

For a while, I was using Tumblr to post and follow artists and other bloggers that produced content that I liked. But, recently the CEO and Staff of that blogsite have stated they will not be permitting NSFW content on Tumblr after December 17th. Even though a lot of the fiction I posted on my side-blog wasn't close to NSFW, I've decided to nuke my main Tumblr blog, and all side blogs and move to another platform for blogging.

Fortunately, all of the recent My Hero Academia stories are already archived here on , so there's no worry to them going away.

But, I will eventually be reporting on where others who DID follow me on Tumblr can go to follow my latest content and story work.

As for the rest of my works here on , I am slowly getting back to them, but there will be a slow-down as the holidays swing into full gear. My day job doesn't allow for much personal time, so I can only promise to work on what I can. As always I beg for patience from all my followers and readers. Please do continue to stick with me, and thank you for your continued support.

Thank you for reading! -- SRS



I'm Stephen, a published author of short-fiction who writes fanfic as a fun hobby -- it helps me get all the ideas crowding in my head out, so I can do the best on my professional work.

I write fanfic for several fandoms and animated series : TMNT, The Batman, Avatar The Last Airbender, Xiaolin Showdown and others. Crossovers are also my forte, having written several stories involving SWATKats, He-Man and She-Ra and others.

I love to write "quality" stories, since fiction should always entertain people, and not just be done for the sake of just being there. I always try to remain true to the "voice" of the characters and the spirit of the original show they come from, so that all my readers will enjoy the ride I'm taking them on.

Please give me comments and critiques! Those fuel me to write more stories!

Maintain and Check Six! -- SRS

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