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Why thank you for stumbling upon my wonderous profile!

I am Miranda and I'll be your guide this evening (day?).

We'll first start of with my stories:

Weird Name, Weird Life is the life and story of my OC, Zarina Aeon Zilini. She is a character i've had in my mind for over ten years, and first thought of when I was around the age of 11. Anyways, the story is set in the Marauder Era and goes through a wonderful James/Sirius triangle and her issues with the Pure Blood ways. The Story is uncomplete at the moment, but I plan on going through her life all through school, outside graduation, and even through her son's life during the Golden Trio age and as a side story to their battles. The story will continue to incorporate cameos of my friend's characters (Dimitri, Sallie, and eventually Chiron, Taeryn, and Daphne) into the story, so it would be wise to read up on their own lives!

Nymphetamine Girl is a one-shot done when I was around fifteen or so with a Ginny/Draco love. It's set to the wonderful song (can you guess?) Nymphetamine (Fix) by Cradle of Filth. (I be a metal head

And for a twist!

You get a couple of bonuses if you read Weird Name, Weird Life. Why is that you may ask? Why? Because you get to see the wonderous cameos that appear in it! Who, might be your second question (and mind you that is one fine question), and I would be happy to answer.

Sallie Cartwright The amazing OC by the great Krista (Wenn Harmon) and her story Don't Touch the Wolfsbane. A story about a young girl trying to find the cure that her father had so desperately tried to accomplish. I wont give away all of the details to this great story, you'll just have to read that one on your own. :D Sallie continues her legacy in another story about her son in Girls, Grades and Werewolves, Oh My... Chiron is a very interesting and -ahem- charming 14 year old boy who is one year above the Golden Trio, and gets to meet a very fun professor that seems to change his life all around!

Dimitri Walburn is the next little cameo in Rina's life story. Her owner Bethany (Narrativegoldfish) has done a great job with a happy-go-lucky in depth character, and she definitely makes for fun reading! You can read all about Wally's adventures in Rogue Bludgers & Such. And Bethany has added an even better twist... You can read all about her new character, Vivi in Recollections of My Time With Fred Weasley

A Bit About Myself:

So it has been quite a while since I have even been on this site! Wow! I went back and read all of the reviews for Weird Name, Weird Life and I forgot just how much I loved you all!

I'm 25, going on 26 now, 3 dogs and a loving boyfriend. Things has been rather crazy these last few years, but I am glad to say that both the Goldfish and myself are back collaborating on a story together both about Sawyer and Vivi, and Zarina and Dimitri! I'll keep checking back here and giving out information! Stay awesome, my friends!

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