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Instant Message
Sasuke X Sakura
Romance, Horror, Mystery, Drama

Sakura had lived the life of a teenaged-girl to perfection. That was, of course, before she met him –a mysterious stranger she met from cyber world who had it all in one: humour, manners (for the most part) and so hotly secretive… it was all fun and exciting until that one night, when he proposed to play a little game of his own.

She agreed without any hesitation.

And before she knew it, she was being watched…followed…

Suddenly, he was everywhere, and there were no places left to hide in.

Little did Sakura know, she was being drawn into a never ending game of hide and go kill -an online game made too deadly real.

And that the cost of loosing was the life of your own.

An Excerpt of Instant Message:

To be able to play any sort of a board game, logically, you'll need two main things: the player and the representing token, also known as: the game piece.

A game piece is, according to the dictionary, the object the player controls to be able to carry through and play the game.

The player, in the process, enjoys the game, if it goes well to his liking.

But why wouldn't it… when the token, a mere nonliving thing, did not have the ability to object?

The player, therefore, was in control.

The game piece only follows.

In this little game that I was involuntarily playing in,

He was the player…

…And I was his game piece.

Instant Message.
Death has just signed in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired Instant Message?

In middle school, I had a phase where I talked to strangers – anyone – online, on Friendster, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Fanfiction, Deviant Art, chatrooms, etc. Eventually, I realized how dangerous that could have been. Because I’m secretly evil, I played the “what if” game: What if I’d talked to a serial killer? What if he stalked me? What if he watched everything I did?

And IM was born. =)

How many chapters are left on Instant Message?

It’ll be about 70 chapters in total, more or less. I’m still writing the resolution and ending, so the exact number of remaining chapters are still unknown.

Can I translate Instant Message?

All translations must be uploaded on Fanfiction, not any other external website. Private Message me for permission first, please. I will most likely say yes, and give a very, very obnoxious “Thank You!”

You should write a book. You should make Instant Message into a book. Or a movie.

I love you. Those words make me giggle all over.

Can I make a Fan Art of Instant Message / I made one, wanna see?!

Yes, please! Send me a link and I would love to see your awesome drawings! I’ll also probably ask permission if I can share the link on one of my chapters, so everyone else can see it.

Inspiration for Auto-Incorrect?

Frustration from auto-correct… PLUS Sesshomaru born in the Feudal era & probably clueless with modern technology… PLUS Sesshomaru’s superiority complex… EQUALS: There’s nothing more hilarious than knocking Sesshomaru off his high horse. x)

Inspiration for Less Than Three series?

It occurred to be that a lot of Anima I write / read fanfiction for are not in the modern era. And I just love clueless, befuddled, adorable characters. Especially someone as unruffled as Sesshomaru.

Favourite FFnet Authors?

Hands down, my all-time favorites would have to be...

- Crazy-Silly-Me (one of my first favourites)

- Obsidian Sickle (everyone’s classic, of course)

Writing Advice?

For advice on specific writing skills, message me!

In General: I think of writing as manipulation. All you have are words—no soundtrack, no visuals, nothing. You make to make the readers feel what you want them to feel. LAUGH! CRY! BE SCARED! You want them to think what you want them to think: if there’s a surprise at the end, hide that surprise, make them think something else, control how much they know, whether they’re suspicious about this character or that…

That’s usually my mind frame when writing. Write with a purpose.

Quick Tips!

1) Show, don’t tell.

Don’t say she’s scared, show the trembling in her fingers, the cold sweat down her pale neck… etc. Don’t say they love each other, show the look of concern, the small touches, the way he picks up the phone at the first ring. Don’t write a whole essay about a character’s back story – show it with flashbacks, dialogue, reactions, gossip, news articles, etc. Get the picture?

2) Rarity = Emphasis.

Short sentences at the end of a long paragraph get attention! (Darkness filled the room, creating a cold, dark atmosphere for fear and dread, clawing up my spine and clogging, suffocating my throat. There—in the corner—a shadow. And a knife.)

Same for romance. If every hand held, every finger touched, and every peck on the forehead are rare and far between, then those moments will mean so much more when they actually happen. If the characters are making out all over the place, it’s not that memorable, is it?

3) Avoid "I SUCK AT SUMMARIES." If you can't give enough effort into two sentences, you can't expect readers to take the time to read the rest.

4) Accept criticism. Even flames! I usually take a few days to calm my emotions before I go back and re-read the flame & see if they have a point.

To everyone who has supported me via reviews, I thank you.

Even to people who hadn't reviewed, and yet favorited or "alerted" or taken the time to read this story, my gratitude to you as well.

Feel free to message me for anything.


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