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Interests: Reading and writing obviously

Current/In progress stories:

Growing Pains - Will be updated at some point with new adventures concerning our loveable Gunner Bluestreak! - UPDATE! - currently re-editing chapters so new bits may appear in them! - New Chapter in the works, hopefully will update soon!

Renascentia - Unfortunately discontinued for now as I've kind of lost the passion for the fic.

Update!!! - New Fic in the works called Ignition which deviates away from my favourite pairing (yes another mech *cough* Optimus Prime *cough* has stolen my heart) and will appear eventually when my brain returns to the Transformers fandom. - May post first chapter very shortly so keep an eye out!

Links: Livejournal Account: - http:/// (although it pretty much holds the same stories that are here on although there are three that do not appear on here, look for the challenges!)

Current Project in progress! - Hello everyone I have not left Fanfiction, I'm still around. I'm currently working on a project with my sister we've both had our hearts set on for a while, I will post links here to the websites so you can take a look and hopefully find enjoyable to read.

Update! - 13/08/2019 - I will get a new chapter update for Growing Pains for September i promise i will!

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