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My Original Characters

Whenever I watch a new TV show or a new film that I love I end up making a character to fit into the film or show. Recently I’ve become obsessed with twins so most of the characters I make end up being a twin for one of the existing characters. And as you can see from my name I'm a little obsessed with OCs.

If my character is female they end up being everything I wish I was. They end up being quite strong characters that aren’t afraid to speak their minds and don’t care what others think. They're normally also quite confident as well

Harry Potter – Lana Malfoy

Lana Malfoy is the twin sister of Draco. They’re the same age (obviously). They’re both blonde.

Teen Wolf – Lila Stilinski

Lila is the twin sister of Stiles. She’s a werewolf. In Sensory Overload she was bitten by Talia Hale.

New Name

I was previously Faith trust pixie dust love and now I have changed it to Out of control with OCs. This is because the majority of my stories with feature an original character of mine.

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