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Hey from Sydney, Australia,

Luv is my username when I have commented on AO3, but it is such a good name I

couldn't use it here so next best thought was freakysyfy, oh well it sounded good

at the time :).

I have been fan fiction for a long time now, discovered it by a friend recommending it to me, for the amount of stories and the different AU's.

I really appreciate all of the writers on here and AO3, I know there are other sites, but I have found these 2 are the best for easy to read and manage.

All the writers have kept me sane, made me weep, laugh out loud and chuckle. You have helped me through family crisis, stress from work and just when I'm

in the mood for a really good story.

I have so many favourite ships over the years, too many to mention here. But they all still hold a very dear place in my heart and the best part about coming on here I can read new stories about my favourite characters even if the show is no longer on.

Tumbler name: (it's pretty bad when I can't remember my name, to be fair all I do is log on and I'm in.)

Instagram: Skyblu50

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