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Hello there, my name is Sinbad Williams. I am a mixed race male who in his youth read manga as well as played multiple video games to escape the crappy ass childhood i had. I began to read Fanfic when i was 18 and have been reading them ever since.

I am American and live in the state of Washington, and even though i might slander my own country from time to time in my stories, i mean no offense by it and only do so since i truly believe that America will either attempt to take over the world or will be destroyed by the combined might of the rest of the world. Basically the story of Fallout without all the cool robots and atomically powered cars.

My favorite character in all of Video game and Anime history is and will always be Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear. He looks kickass and takes shit from no one.

Also, for those who looked at my profile to try and get the answer to my question as to who my favorite anime character is, Sol Badguy is not the right answer. He is one of a few of my favorite ones of all time, but the one i was asking you guess is from a much older series. Nice try though...

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