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Hello. If you know me from anywhere you'll know me from the YouTube channel 'TheJDSgames' or, the much less likely, 'TheJDSlife.' My interests include video games, watching Tennis and cricket plus playing sports.

In terms of fanfiction I am a fan of Big Bang Theory, Chax or Bricky (Home and Away), Greg and Holly (DOAWK) and I also like Rodney McKay and Jennifer Keller from Stargate Atlantis. There are some great stories on fanfiction that should either become actual movies in the future or should've played out in the actual TV series or movies. I've also seen some great stories in Tangled and a great Stargate Sg-1 concept where Adria gets a 2nd chance and gets to know Jack's Clone in High school...

I don't plan on writing any fanfiction by the way... besides there really isn't a gamer/YouTuber section... lol banter.

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