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I now have a Tumblr! I will be posting thoughts, behind the scenes, deleted scenes, fan theories, fic recommendations, and all kinds of fun things on it - feel free to follow me. My username is emcatfanfic.

Note: This profile is currently under construction.


It has come to my attention that my profile has been woefully neglected (and perhaps even a bit cringey) for quite some time now, so I thought it time to correct that!

Welcome, all who may venture to this place. Allow me to share a little bit about myself, if you are so inclined.

My name is Elizabeth, and I've been on fanfiction.net for fifteen years now. I first discovered it when I was 13 years old and learned that you could write stories about the shows and books that you love - imagine, I had no idea that fan-fiction even existed until that point! After that, I barreled into the realm of fan-fiction without abandon. The fandom that initially hooked me was Disney's American Dragon: Jake Long, and though I haven't watched it in forever, it will always have a place in my heart, cheesy as it may be, because it introduced me to a landscape I have been happily thriving in for a decade and a half now.

I have written for a ton - count them, a ton - of fandoms, but the ones I frequent the most are Merlin, Psych, Doctor Who, and, up until a few years ago, The Hardy Boys. I'm currently venturing out into new territory - I've watched New Girl about three times all the way through now and feel like I know the characters well enough at this point to properly capture their voices, and the same goes for MacGyver 2016. I'm also considering delving into Black Clover at some point in the future, which is new territory for me, as I've never been much of an anime fan, but I have fallen in love with that show. Merlin is my number one, though - even though I fell in love the show at the beginning of college, back in 2009, I still love it to this day, though I am at a point where I can admit that it has a number of issues that were never resolved - but isn't that what fan-fiction is for? More on that in a moment.

But who am I outside of fan-fiction? Honestly, that question seems a bit ridiculous, since fan-fiction has been woven into the very fabric of my life for so many years and has become a staple in my personality. Still, though, I suppose I do have a life outside of my fandoms (if very little of one). I am married to a wonderful man (who has just started writing fan-fiction himself for Apex Legends, and he is good), and we have two precious kitties. Baby has been by my side since I was 10 years old - she's nearing 20 at this point - and she is an ornery old woman with black fur and the most amazing green eyes I've ever seen. Dixie is younger, about three, and she is trouble. She's adorable, of course, and so, so loving (I've never had a cat who reaches for me before, or gives me actual hugs, or wants to be held like a toddler), but she also gets into EVERYTHING and is not smart. At all. (My husband calls her Tiny Moron, and I'm inclined to agree, though the name is given in love.) I also have a super close bond with my sister Angel who is in college. She's my best friend; I don't know that a lot of siblings have such a close bond, especially when there's an eight-year age difference, so I feel super blessed to have her.

I have a bachelor's degree in English and earned my Master of Arts degree in literature and creative writing from Southern New Hampshire University in 2016. I'm currently teaching college English classes at two local colleges (one private, one community), and I positively adore my job. Teaching literature is a special favorite of mine - with literature classes, I'm literally getting paid to rave about my favorite thing to a captive audience. It's grand. A few more things about me: I'm a Christian, though I will say that I want to help break the stereotypes surrounding Christianity that seem so prevalent in today's time. I fully believe it is the duty of the church to love, help, and support everyone, and it breaks my heart that so many people today feel abandoned or even persecuted by the church. It doesn't matter who you are, I will love you, no strings attached! When I'm not writing fan-fiction or working, I enjoy writing on my own original works (more on that later), baking (I've been on decorated sugar cookie kick lately, courtesy of How to Cake It), crocheting, reading (YA fantasy is my jam), playing games (I'm currently obsessed with the Sims 4, but I love Skyrim, Minecraft, and a lot of other games), and indulging in my various fandoms. I have a serious sweet tooth and therefore possess no self-control when it comes to cookies, cake, or ice cream (or just cheap Halloween candy, let's be real here). I don't have much of a social life outside my family and close circle of friends, and I'm okay with that. (Speaking of close friends, one of my friends just started a YouTube channel, mostly for gaming, and he just finished 31 Days of Halloween, so if you're interested, let me know. He didn't ask me to publicize for him, but that's just the kind of friend I am!)

I did mention earlier that I also am working on original works as well. While I currently have a young adult-fantasy-satire novel in the works called DID, Inc., I have actually already completed and self-published my first original novella, House of the Dead. It is a love letter in many ways to mythology - specifically Irish - as well as an examination of life and death through the eyes of a young girl and Death himself. If you are interested, please consider checking it out. It's on Amazon - House of the Dead by Elizabeth Wilson - and it's super cheap on Kindle. If you have Kindle Unlimited, then it's free.

Overall, I'm just a girl who would often prefer to dwell in the world of fiction and fandoms than real life, but I do venture out occasionally. Fan-fiction is my way of connecting to that world, with the characters and settings that have adopted me over the years, and also of connecting with others who share the same passions. And that leads me to the next thing I'd like to elaborate on:


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