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Okay... as you've seen in my stories, one of my characters is called Nakera. My friends call me that since it's the one of the personal character names I made up, so it also became my nickname. A little more about me, that doesnt have to do with stories. I'm 17, and my birthday is 12/04/1991. Um... okay body, not fat really, and not skinny either. A kinda weird aspect about me, that I'm REALLY trying to break is some of my grammar(sp) problems... of course spelling is at the top of my list, lol. I do have the habbit of capitalizing some words that dont need it, as you can see below, and then also not capitalizing other words, likes "I" in the perspective form... I have peeves about grammar lol. I like quite a few shows, but i only really do InuYasha fanfics because i know more about that show then anyone else i know. I'll eventually put up more bout other shows too, but right now im gunna work on these two... or atleast the one. here are a list of things i like to think or write about...

InuYasha(or Demons in General), Black Cat, Devil May Cry, Naruto, Vampires, Wolves, ... the list goes on, but i can't really think of anything else right now. Well.. im going to get back to thinking of new ideas, i'll tty'all later.

ABOUT ALL MY FANFICTIONS!! In all of my fanfiction you will most definatly see that I have added in and extra character. This is because ALL my fanfiction are what would happen if one of my Characters were there! I'm not going to change that ever, because if i dont have a fanfiction, then I think the movie, book, etc. are perfect the way they are! I will not change the way I write fanfiction because I a few review that say 'god, why is there always someone else' or 'why not leave it how it was...' Um... HELLO It's a fanfiction and I can do WHAT EVER THE FUCK i want with it. If i want everyone dead... I'll do it...

OH! And I dont care what ANYONE Says...Sesshomaru and InuYasha's hair is SILVER!!NOT WHITE!! but SILVER! S-I-L-V-E-R!! It says it in the 1st-2nd manga book with Yura of the hair! She holds up a stand of InuYasha's hair ans says "Oh what pretty silver hair."!!

Some people may not like it, ( those people.. umm.. to bad dont read it then) But i like to put in sex scene in pretty much ALL my fanfics... get over it cus i ain't changing it...

Here is a few of my Peeves, lol. I just want a place to write them down really, I'm sure no one reads this anyway...
1) Chat speak...( brb, lol, ttyl, etc.) when ALWAYS used... I use a few of them too, but as you can plainly see, i spell my words out, and dnt typ lik dis all da tm, IT FUCKING BUGS ME!
2)People that dont know the difference between THERE, THEIR and THEY'RE... that's grade school.. come on... stop being ignorant and learn it for god Sake..
3) People that dont the difference between BYE, BUY, and BY NO! Those' are not the three words to the Backstreet boys song! Only BYE is in that song.. Not By and Buy...Learn those too!
4) Spider... they just scare me and somehow make me mad...
5)Middleschoolers that think they are more mature then highschoolers, because that shows how much LESS mature you are...
5) I don't think this is just about peeves anymore.. i think now i'm just writing down a list of stuff to make a list of...stuff...lol. and there are two 5's?? Wtf?(lol, i need comical relief...)
6)People UNDER the grade of 8 and under the age of 14 that have had sex and think it's GREAT and that nothing will happen to them because they are to young, and to ingorant to know the truth... yes... that is a peeve..
7) Parents that let the above happen and don't give a rats ass about it!

Enough of that, I'm making myself mad...wait.. 8)Making a list of my peeves...
Alright... I'm fininshed.(with the list)

Seriously... Thanks for wasting how even long opf a time you spent of your life reading this, because then i guess that means i may be slightly interesting... or you may just have nothing better to do... Either way... Thanks..

Nakera Sterling

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