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Hey, this is Genogoth here, if any of you are lookin for a BETA reader for Harry Potter FF, I'd be glad to be of service. Also, if your lookin for a song to go with your story or just your chapter just contact me via e-mail. lets see, I'm a freshman in highschool, I'm a girl, I'm easily annoyed, I'm sarcastic, bitter, and psycho. Well that sums me up pretty well.

DON'T PISS ME OFF...I'm running out of places to hide the bodies.

Ok I was getting bored with my list, so I got rid of it...heh...Short attention span, what can I say.

Anyways, I'm working on HP and the black rose, and getting almost no where, it might be a while before I can update, though I am planning on a spetacular finish. Eh...Drunk as a Potter was just random, I have no idea why I wrote it or posted it, I was just very, very hyper from drinking too much soda at my friend's b-day party.

There are other stories I'm working on, hre's an excerpt from one called: The Angel of Heaven and Hell

There is a legend in both the wizarding and muggle world. The rough translation is this:

The angel of life and death comes to save us from the darkness. He is called when the world in is dire peril, to fix all of the wrongs. From the shadows he watches, though from the heavens he comes .Fear his fury, and bow at his gaze, for none are worthy to be in his presence. Raw power, undiluted with greed and petty physical things, he will come to save us all, and in the end he will prevail, because he is the angel of heaven and hell.

So that's the only thing you'll be getting out of me about this story. Sadly almost all of my writing is at a standstill because of varstiy softball pratice which I have to suffer through each day. I swear, it's like they want to kill you before the season even starts. Oh, add that on top of my ringworm as well, and it's all fine and dandy!

Let's see, that's about it...

Oh, since this is a profile, I might as well add some things about my self

Name: genogoth (duh, it's not like I'm gonna give you my real one)

Age: 15, wahoo, one more year until I can drive

Hobbies: writing, reading, listening to music, scaring little kids, scaring big kids, staring at old people to freak them out, singing to The Phantom of the Opera(yes! I'm going to see it on Broadway for my b-day gift!), and softball.

Fave Things: scaring people, punching things, threatening annoying people with bodily harm, playing softball, writing, reading, all my hobbies really. Also there is Scarling(band), Jack off Jill(band), Disturbed(band), Simple Plan(band),and of course HARRY POTTER!

Things I Hate Completely and Fully With my Whole Heart: Idiots,drunk drivers, blind umps, pins, stupid reviews, IM speak, (ex: Lol, OMG), Snape, Sirius being killed, broken computers, swollen fingers, unsharpened pencils, reality Tv(it rots your brain), blisters from shoes, stupid boys, annoying siblings, my dog barfing on my bed, school, running laps, snitches(no not the ball in Quidditch), easily offended people, people who don't understand sarcasm or don't appreciate it, sleeping at night...the list goes on and on. you see how I have more things I dislike than like, don't you? I'm sure as hell don't see the cup half full.

Yeah, that's me...crazy, deranged, in need of shaving my legs, all me. hugs to all though I actually find it quite akward to hug people, this is very amusing to say over the net. hugs Haahahhah. So easily amused.

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