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Ash-G PM
Joined Aug '05

HI Im AshG

Born 16/08/ ant telling you the year. LOL

IM female ... an tomboy who sometimes wears dress

I love HJP crossover with pokemon angry birds

My fav story to read on FF are slash male don't like most girl slash

Fav colour is green and black

loves CHOCOLATE , corned beef and potato pie, rootbeer and jerky.

Am the middle of five. the oldest girl of three both younger then me But two older brothers (I piss off fate in another life I think?? or was it destiny oh well who cares lol)

hate icey paths as i alway fall over... and the price to see an movie... well the cost of food and drink... Your already paying an arm for the movie why for the love of god will you pay an leg too..

I love PIKACHU AND MEOWTH... even have an cuddy pikachu call LT

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