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Hello I am sir Gunther, sworn acolyte of all great story telling! I am a simple man, who enjoys the simpler things in life. one such thing is enjoying fine story telling and craftsmen ship. That's one reason I'm on this site to begin with as it allows me to search for some of the best stories on the web that can even surpass the stories there based on. Haha I sound like a total nerd...…. but ya that's mainly why I'm here.

As for writing I'm not so sure on that. Last time I tried it was plain awful... I'm man enough to emit it. I do have a few story ideas I've had in my head for awhile and I am currently working on my own original work. But for now I'm just going to making a library of stories that have good story telling and great quality. Maybe someday I'll try my hand in writing on this site again but not today.

I'm a fan of stories that have adventure, action, mystery, romance(as long as its not the main focus), character journeys, some cosmic stuff's also apricated, and even straight up craziness!

So ya if you like really well done stories in many different categories come around here, you'll find a pretty big archive of stories I believe to have been written by some of the best. So look through and just enjoy yourselves and remember to give the stories and their respective authors some love!

Favorite anime

Dragon Ball: It's a classic you gota love it.

My hero academia: It's got a such well though out world and it gives all the character's really good development.

Fairy tail: It has its ups and downs but its what got me into anime in the first place so it holds a special place for me.

Yu Yu hakusho: An old classic with some legendary arcs, like the dark tournament and the chapter black arcs. With it all starting with a delinquents death.

Hunter x Hunter: Quite a bit different then most anime's with really great plots.

Favorite cartoons

Steven universe: This show was one of the best cartoons I've ever seen and I will miss it. Its been such a positive influence on people it's foolish to to think its anything less then great.

Adventure time: I grew up with this show and is straight up mathematical.

Regular show: It has a semi plot for the majority of the show and is straight up insane for the most part.

Thundercats: And I mean both the 2011 version and the original, both great shows to watch if you have the time. Really hate that they canceled the 2011 version before they could end it.

She-ra and the princesses of power: A fun adaption added to the masters of the universe series with fun characters and plot that really brings you in.

Favorite live action shows

The Arrowverse: its a pretty hard to choice between them so I just choose the while universe. its got good characters and badass moments. ya some seasons are not as good but they make good comebacks in the next seasons.

Supernatural: Straight up awesome and interesting plots to facing demons, vampires, alternate universes, and gods. A show about hunting monsters and family, this show was amazing and I will miss it dearly. Carry on Supernatural fans.

Game of thrones: For the majority of the run, this show was super interesting concepts and political intrigue. Thought I do believe they could have done the final season much better.

Favorite movies

Iron man: Tony stark and his adventures were such a fun part of my childhood and looking back now I just love the character and just how awesome he is. This movie started one of the most epic franchises and acts as an essential for superhero movies.

Scream: created by the late Wes Craven, Scream is one of the best horror movies of all time. All fans will remember the opening scene and the fear it can inspire. All the characters were done really well in a realistic way and the recurring characters show why they were beloved by fans.

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