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Hi, if your reading this you have read one of my reviews. Either I liked the story and you did as well and you are looking for more to read, or I hated the story and my review amused you. Either way, enjoy my Favorites and may you find many enjoyable hours of reading.

If you are here because I gave your story a bad review, REJOICE! I have the Keys to improving your writing!

Writing is hard. I cannot write my way out of a paper bag! Really! But I am qualified to take Honor Courses in reading... if any were offered.

Facts about Writing and Storytelling.

You must know the foundations of Writing to tell a good story. Punctuation, Spelling, Word Choice, Grammar, Dialect, Character Voices and Dialogue are all Keys to telling a story that people want to read.

You must Know your Source Material. Whether it is a Fanfic or an Original Work. you must know everything about the World you are writing. You must know your Characters and their histories and motivations.

The Author must get Details correct. If the Author says Ron Weasley is wearing a sword it is in a scabbard. Not a holster or a sheath or a pouch or anything else. Harry can tell him to put that sword back in it's sheath and quit waving it around because he is a Character and may not know better... IF it fits his history. If Mr. Granger is former SAS he will never call something a Gun. He will use the term Pistol or Rifle or Firearm because that is correct for his Character

If you change an existing Character you must show the history of that change. If you make Naruto into a shy and sneaky character you have to explain what changed in his history to make him that way. It can be a prologue or as flashbacks but it must be shown and be logical why he changed.

If you change an existing story the results of that change must be logical. Your Original Character decides to help Harry Potter during the summer of his second year at Hogwarts. How does this change the story? Is he given knowledge of the past? Of the future? What does he do with it? How does it change his actions? How does his changed actions affect others? And their actions? All of it must flow logically based on the Characters and what their reactions are.

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