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.dance. as if no one was watchin

Hi my name is Libby and I am 13 years old I have a wonderful boii friend named Matt... and I love him! I love Fanfiction because I love reading peoples stories and I love reading stories of :


Full House

Law and Order and many more...

My Friends are very important to me because they are here and always support me through the bad times here are some of my friends:

Taylor, Alyssa,Courtney,Bridget,Alyssa K,Paige,Sam,Anjelica,Sarah,Sophie,Victoria, Matt...many more and I could go on and on.

°°° °°°

( Y ) ('')('')

Don't follow my footsteps...I run into walls...haha

Silence is gold... but ducktape is silver!

Help I've fallen and i can't...hey, nice carpet!

A friend would bail you out of jail but a best friend would be sitting right next to you saying we really screwed up!

Those are some of my Quotes... Well I told you about me and I hope you like it !

One night I was countingall the stars forallreasons why you were my friend and I ran out of stars.

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