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Rather as Xmas inevitably comes, so does profile rewriting time. Though not as often, in my case. If you've also checked my deviant art profile, (same username) then you will know I'm currently feeling more optimistic about both my health and writing output. Hopefully this will not prove another false dawn (that's a bit of a pun for dev art readers!) But one has to be realistic about what can be done. The chance of older stories being extended at the moment, let alone finished, is not particularly high. But there does seem the prospect of at least one new fic, based on the very popular Korean series, Squid Game, which I've actually published a chapter of, and have realistic hopes of continuing to a finish. Yes, I know I've said this previously! Still its out there, and I'm working on the next chapter right now, rather than hoping it might happen in some future time. That's got to be better than before, don't you think?

So on that new story, In Dreams, I should say that the general concept, middle and finish seem fairly clear to me. I have two romantically involved characters that I really like, Sae-byeok and Ji-yeong, with contrasting and complimentary personalities, and the rather wacky concept that the Squid Games may not be what they seem. In addition, the idea (provided by another writer) that Sae-byeok is dreaming everything throws more crazy into the mix. And when that dream includes talking to her supposedly dead love, that takes us further into cloud cuckoo land. I'm hoping it will be an emotional journey.

So now we come to prospective story number two, Rogue One: Search For the Kyber Crystals. Though still in development hell, there is quite a lot written, which would likely be fun and publishable, if you don't expect too much. With a bit of effort, most notably a tricky transition scene between Vader and ... well another character recently brought back from the dead, this could be made into at least a coherent series of episodes ... leading nowhere in particular. I don't know if that's good enough, which you may judge when you read about the concept below.

R1:Search stemmed from my dissatisfaction with the original film, in particular the amount of detail in characterisation. Originally my idea was to heavily rewrite the R1 plot. That's still looking too grandiose and too ambitious, if I'm being completly honest. We're still a long way from Rogue One Mark Two, and what we have instead is me having some fun playing around with the characters in my usual romantic fashion. So most likely it would be a quick and dirty (!) bit of Star Wars fun. Its where I'll go next if nothing else inspires me, and it probably needs a new title.

Naturally many more people are going to wonder about the fate of the still popular Luck Be A Lady Tonight, and here I'm afraid I've much less to offer. I'm not even sure I'm currently capable of the kind of writing necessary to finish it, and even if I were, this site may not welcome my efforts. There seems discouragement of adult fiction, perhaps for good reasons, and atm, I don't feel inclined to swim against that tide. So to reiterate, this has been in suspended animation so long, it may not get finished. My advice is, enjoy what there is.

Luck Be A Lady Tonight involves my favourite characters Cass and Veronica from Fallout New Vegas. The idea is simple: Cass makes a bet with Veronica with her virginity at stake. But the wager takes several unexpected turns, with Cass having a whole lot of Aces up her sleeve. I have to say I liked the way this has turned out, even though its not properly finished. The two principle characters are portrayed exactly as I'd hoped. The 'offstage Courier' also works well, casting a long shadow over the fic. I think there's enough story to make it worthwhile, to satisfy at least some curiosity in the reader, and to stimulate their imagination as to what might happen next ... which sadly may be the only way of getting any resolution to the tale.

The other incomplete story, I'll Be Your Mirror is a fic based on coop play in Fable2. Two very different incarnations of a heroine from parallel universes meet with potentially humourous and erotic results. While I personally think this story is interesting in concept, and does not fall below the standards of the others in terms of writing, it has sadly got far less reader attention, even taking its smaller fandom into account. My feeling is the parallel world wackiness has left many Fable fans bewildered and out of their comfort zone, but maybe that's my fault, not theirs.

The news on I'll Be Your Mirror is that I've managed to write an almost complete new chapter, but as that would leave yet another cliff-hanger/teaser, I'm reluctant to put it out, until at least that's been resolved. Should I publish and be damned? I think maybe not until I have a bit more time from the other newer stuff I already told you about. Some hope of progress I guess, but finishing it properly is a whole different enchilada.

So with both the above unfinished tales, the words of Pontius Pilate (shortly after he literally washed his hands of Jesus' fate) are still appropriate: what I've written I have written. Enjoy what's there, and don't worry too much about what might be, (or what might have been).

Anything else mentioned below as a project is now off the list of priorities, and so has almost zero prospect of being written. I'm reluctant to even leave these up, so they must be considered more as examples of what I might have done, had things been different. But for the record:

One of my ideas was for The Devil Wears Prada, a complete change of genre based not on games, like most of my previous stories, but on the book and especially the film (starring Meryl Streep). Claws are out in the world of fashion rather than in some post-apocalyptic nightmare or fantasy world. Andy has to deliver 'the Book' to her employer from hell, Miranda. But like most of her tasks, it proves to be far from straightforward. If I could somehow get myself back in the mood to write this and remember what the plot was supposed to be ... you get the idea.

Dead or Alive Extreme2 anyone? If you haven't heard of this game and its, ahem, reputation, then the provisional title, A Geisha in Paradise, may give you a clue as to what it would have been about. Kokoro, probably no one's favourite apprentice geisha, was down as the main character. At least this would have been a shortish fic, but very likely more adult than the site currently encourages. I give it the merest ghost of a chance.

Another idea left not just in limbo, but the lowest circle of hell, was a (non-crossover) Soul Calibur Fic. Main characters Sophitia, Cassandra and Rothion. Tira and Taki would likely be involved. Provisional title was Broken Faith, and was intended to be a bit of a line crosser (for me) in terms of sexuality. You can imagine how that might have gone down with the current regime! Absolutely nothing was written though, and I'm not sure I can remember anything but the most basic details about the plot. Maybe in the next life, but surely not this one.

Still retaining great affection for Rumble Roses, I would like to have rewarded its much-maligned, unappreciated and long suffering fans with yet another thriller, but of a more satirical nature. The piece, which did have some initial chapters written, involved heel characters, including Rowdy Reiko, Sgt Clemets and the BBD on a quest for Sophitia's legendary treasure. A cross over with Soul Calibur, and also a semi-parody of a well-known book/film, it had the rather intriguing title: Miss Spencer's Correction Academy. I could, as with the Rogue One fic, publish those first chapters, but I retain only the vaguest concept of where the story was supposed to go, so its probably not very ethical to do so. Perhaps I will if readers beg me ... or the whole world weeps.

To try to end things on a positive note, I've provided some additional details about my previous fics. If you've read my profile before, you can skip this, as there aren't any new completed fics! The stories are in order of publication.

My Rumble Roses story, A Rose By Any Other Name, was the first published, and (ironically as it now seems) the one that broke my jinx of not completing stories. Despite being drawn from the apparently unpromising video-game genre of female wrestling, something about the RR characters inspired me, in particular to write romance. Character driven writing I find easier, particularly because I'm generally better at dialogue than descriptive passages. The fic is based around one of my typical f/f pairings of an older, wiser head with a younger, inexperienced but enthusiastic character; in this case a "dark-side" romance. Hopefully it transcends the setting to some extent, as sadly there's never been much demand for wrestling stories, and maybe this will convert some people. (But if not then there's always the sequel - see below)

Soul Calibur is another of my favourite genres for character strength, even if trying to make sense of all the different story threads drives me nuts occasionally. The inspiration for my fic, Demon Hunter, came from a forum post by Nemean, who wanted ideas for a Taki fanfiction. I suggested 3 possible pairings, including Ivy, Mitsurugi and this one:

TALIM. This would be a kind of younger sister thing. Taki could "take her under her wing" but more interesting would be if she led her astray in some way. Or alternatively Talim gets Taki into trouble through youthful enthusiasm.

Which shows how ideas get changed in the mix. Its much more a mother/daughter pairing in the way it works. However Taki certainly does lead Talim astray in one sense! And maybe Talim has got her into trouble. This story is still my personal favourite.

Next to be written was the sequel to my other Rumble Roses Story, called Roses That Bloom in the Dark. A ninja is again one of the main characters. I would loosely describe it as a romance, with elements of the Gothic and James Bond (including a secret agent versus the female equivalent of Blofeld). I'm happy with the way its turned out, even though its almost twice as long as originally planned, probably a similar length to a Fleming novel (if I can even place my self in the same room as him). But like the master's own work, it moves along at a fair pace, and the response has been as good as I can expect for an under-appreciated genre.

And so finally on to my epic story for Fallout 3, Wastelander. Not for the faint hearted or younger readers, the original idea was to chart the progress of the Lone Wanderer having to adapt to the rigours and tough decisions involved in life in the Wastes. Additions to the plot, greater roles for certain characters and a possible supernatural element expanded the story far beyond its original intentions, in the end taking over 2 years to finish. Should you be brave enough to take it on, you will be rewarded with something distinctly different from the norm; certainly not a simple retread over what has become very familiar ground. The first chapters pass quite quickly, but once into the story, expect them to lengthen and deepen. By then you may be hooked! My Lone Wanderer, Arta, is neither a traditional 'white knight' nor a merciless killer, but a survivor whose intentions are good, at least to begin with. She goes on to become something more, the Wastelander known as the Angel of Death. Despite flirting with the supernatural, the story aims for a degree of gritty realism and, I would venture to say, maintains momentum and plot direction despite its great length. And as in all my stories, there's a strong romantic element.

Want to know something more about my life? As far as this site's concerned, I'm not saying much other than I'm a computer/board games fan who lives in the fair town of Manchester, England. If you want to check my Deviant Art profile (same name) then you may learn something more about me.

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