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Thank you for checking my profile. I am currently working on my fanfics. I'm not sure if people still visit these pages. All I know is that unfinished businesses have to be dealt with. My progress is slow but assured. I am still in the process of recollecting my thoughts and remembering my own plots.

Author has been on hiatus for 5 years.

I may have long left my childhood behind. But one has to remember that there is a child in each and every one of us. I am a person highly attracted to the idea of nostalgia.

I guess that's what brought me back to this place

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Eriol-Tomoyo oneshots


Letter Blues

Unromantic, Not


Card Captor Sakura, particularly ExT pairing inspired to write.

Since Eriol and Tomoyo will never be canon. , I can at least make it happen here _ They are the 1st fanfiction pairing I've read about. They inspired me to write fanfiction. It's only fitting that I change my name in honor of my most fave pairing

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