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Renaud Roddecker
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What could I say ? Well, let's start by the beginning: I'm a young man, I'm French (I'm sorry our president is an asshole. I didn't vote for him), and I started writing fanfictions and originals simply because I need tocontrol my overdriven imagination (my greatest problem is to have dozens of story pitches coming per hour, which is hard to handle). In movies, I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton and super-hero/vigilante films. In music, I love Judas Priest, LORDI, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, among others. My favorite authors are Stephen King and Michael Crichton. In comics, it's The Punisher, The Spawn, and many of Frank Miller's works. Finally, my favorite videogames are Metal Gear serie, Fahrenheit, and a bunch of old-fashioned Genesis/Super-Famicom shooters and beat'em all.

What you will see often in my stories:

Lot of action, sometimes violent.

Twisted, mentally unstable, or mysterious characters.

French touch.

Leather jackets and motorbikes (mypassion).

People with superpowers.

References to my favorite music bands and/or their songs (some characters and situations are directly inspired by song lyrics).

To finish, a little overview of my work:

Brotherhood Of Steel -- Pokemon -- Science-Fiction -- Incomplete: This story is part of a quadrilogy that tells my view on Mewtwo's life, his friends, his enemies, his fights. The first story tells the very beginning of Mewtwo, his birth, his encounter with his cybernetic brother, his participation in a tournament and his first battle against his Arch-Nemesis, the Shadow. The pokemon setting and characters are used as background, because in fact, I invented 70 percent of this story. Not been updated in a long while. Don't worry, I don't have a white page trouble, I just have so many other projects it will keep me busy for the next few years !

Quartet of the Devil -- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -- Action/Adventure -- Incomplete: Fic written in French. Set two years after the movie, the four horrible kids we already know have changed. But when a strange, bat-winged teenager who claims to be another Wonka's victim gathers them for revenge, they say yes. But isthe bat-boy really trustworthy ? This is my trial at writing a sequel to the movie. Not updated in a while, but don't worry, I didn't abandon it.

Snakes Hate Chocolate -- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -- Horror -- Incomplete: The so awaited Factory Tour begins, and here arrives a kid who claims to be the sixth Ticket Winner. Wonka lets him in, but the kid will have a drastic influence on the Tour. Not a Mary-Sue ! I wanted to re-write the story in a horror version, with a very evil Wonka and the five kids trying to escape from his madness. They sure need help to do so, that's why I added a sixth winner who is NOT a self-insert but a whole new character I created. In the beginning, the new character was supposed to be the Shadow, from my Pokemon fics, but he's an adult and he's virtually invincible, so he would damage the horror aspect of the story. That's why the new character is finally a kid like the others... except that he has weird connections with snakes... or is it justViolet's ophidiophobic imagination running overdrive ? Fic in constant progress !

The Alien Soldier -- Miscellaneous Videogames -- Science-Fiction/Fantasy -- Project: This is something I really want to do, and I'll do it as soon as I can: the novelization of one of the best shooters of the Genesis, Alien Soldier. This game really got me hooked by its atmosphere and its effective (although simple) plot. This is a synopsisof the story, which is lightly personalized from the real game plot: Sierra is the capital planet of a solarsystem torn apart by a civil war, between the forces of cruel General Zed Leo, servant of the totalitarian dictatorship that rules the galaxy, and the SCARLET, a rebel army led by the Neoform Humans, a race of mutants withsupernatural powers (not the sames as Kyashan), whose leader is the idealistic Epsilon Eagle. During a battle, Eagle is betrayed by his second, Xi Tiger, and killed by General Leo. But the soul of Epsilon Eagle lives on, and makes a deal with a little boy: the child will host the rebel's soul and help him to retrieve control of the SCARLET, in exchange Eagle will help the boy to retrieve his kidnappedgirlfriend. Thechild and the soul fuse tobecome Epsilon Soldier, an almighty eagleman warrior.

ps: j'ai finalement décidé d'abandonner totalement l'histoire sur Silent Hill, par manque d'inspiration. Je ne pense pas continuer Le Quatuor du Diable car Snakes Hate Chocolate est vraiment la fanfic Charlie et la Chocolaterie que je voulais écrire, c'est là que j'ai mis toutes mes bonnes idées, et je pense ne plus pouvoir rien apporter de bien intéressant au Quatuor.

About the pokémon fics... well, we'll see, but I'm losing interest in pokémon. I'd rather focus on a large project of original stories that keeps growing in my mind and that I really want to write.

Now, my FictionPress work is up ! I'm beginning my original stories, which you can read on my homepage.

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