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Hello. It's been awhile since ive updated. I dont think ill need to say much, but I love you guys. Its been some crazy years and Fanfiction will always help on the worst days. Love you

S'Il VOUS PLAIT LISEZ : le 24 mai 2017, une merveilleuse auteure sur FF avec qui je discutais amicalement a décidé de proposer quelque chose d'étonnant : ELLE A TRADUIT MA FIC SUR THE HOBBIT EN FRANÇAIS !!! Un grand merci Adalas, tu as embelli ma journée ! J'espère que tous les lecteurs français apprécient ce qu'elle fait.


Hi!!! My name is Ava, I have been a guest here for a while... reading all the great authors that stalk the halls of! =D

What I will NOT write is slash

I WILL write adventure, emotion, angst, drama, family.


Rangers Appr/BB:

A Bad Day: Currently working on, but busy so updates are slow-ish.

Alex Rider/crossovers in this section:

Operation Civilian/ISIS: Currently working on.THANKS!

Two teen heroes etc.: Currently working on, will not be on hiatus. Update to be posted hopefully soon. so much enthusiasm, IN THE FIRST FEW DAYS X_X wow, I'm mind blown, thanks so much!!!!


When Nature meets a certain Company: Waiting for a bit more reviews and enthusiasm... I would love to continue, but my other stories are more popular so I will update those before this one, and I need more ideas for continuing. 150 views, two reviews, thank you for that surprise review!!!

Apart; though not forever: One shot, finished. Unless someone brings me amazing ideas for a two shot/three shot, I will NOT continue this, as it is an ONE shot. almost 200 views, a couple reviews, favs and two follows. (Note, if you follow a one shot, please review with an idea for a two shot ;) )


Kansas: Complete

Dust in the Wind: Complete

Spider-Man Homecoming:

Cars and Secrets: One-shot, complete.

two more ideas to be posted on a later date, stay tuned!

Thanks for all the support on these!!! Ideas are needed for continuing and developing, otherwise they may be different from what you would wish to read. I will not write slash.

accepting ideas for these stories, (chapter update ideas.) :)

Accepting Prompts as well!

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