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Hello everyone!

I'm officially 18...ah! i'm getting so old!
i've been posting random poetry on this site just for fun mainly. i love to write stories, but i havne't really had time lately to update...
i have a few ideas that i'm bouncing around, but we'll see how they turn out once i've written a bit more.

i've set up a betareaders profile. feel free to PM me if you want any assistance or even just for a review. love to read!

i have an account on fictionpress (same username)...only poetry at the moment...there not fab, but if your interested, you should check them out.

anyhoo, i love to dance, write, jump around, and hang out with friends. my life really ins't that exciting, but if you're reading this, then neither is yours. lol lol.

i hope you enjoy my work. any suggestions, comments or feedback, you can PM me or review. i love it all. check out Atollo and decisive-conclusion. she's a really great writter and also has a betta account.

I try to update once every weekend...but becasue of homework i may not get to until every other weekend. wow. grade eleven has so much homework. lol

my anime/manga obsessions and recommendations:
hmm...gundam seed and gundam seed destiny are definitely my favorites...
sokyuu no Fafner (Fafner in the Azure)-i haven't seen very many of the eps but i like the story line
ouran high school host club-26 eps in total...a little repetitive, but it absolutely cracked me up!
Neon Genesis Evangelion -phanominal...fantastic...amazing...brillent...everything about it, wow. both and anime and manga.
fruits basket - luv the manga, but i'm not a big fan of the anime
haibane renmei - i enjoyed it with english subs but i don't recommend the dubed doesn't flow very well
serial experiments lain- i've seen a few eps and i haven't decided whether or not to continue with's a little dark
paranoia agent - i've seen a couple eps of the anime and haven't read the manga...i don't think i'll continue
monster- amazing. i really like the series...i've only seen about twenty though
chrno crusade - the anime was fabulous...i didn't really get into it until practically the last six eps...such a sad ending!! i haven't read the manga...i'm not sure how many volumes it is, but i think i'd like to try it
witch hunter robin - amazing. i really loved the anime and i'm thinking about reading the manga sometime
tsubasa chronical - fabulous manga but i found the anime a little boring...i don't think i'd keep up with it though...
wolf's rain- amazing. wow. loved it to no end. i watched the anime and was captivated...the ending made me cry. i realy want to readt the manga!

hopefully i'll update frequently!

i need at least five reviews to update! i love constructive critisism and anything you all might have to say ;)

One of the authors i admire greatly is Decisive-conclusion. She has the wittiest sense of humor and very cute endings. she's definitly worth checking out!

All of my stories are dedicated to three great friends. Sab, Ches and Claire. ;)

Ah! just for everyone's information, i forgeot to put a disclaimer on my story 'seeking comfort'...I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE GUNDAM SEED CHARACTERS! i also have to apoligise for misspelling Milly's full name. i'm a horrible speller. it won't happen in upcomming chapters.

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