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Hi, I am a new writer and I like reading others work.

I will create somw new material, or try to, every week such as updates, new stories, etc etc.


I will ask for the readers to help decide what should go on every now and again when I am at a standstill.

Sorry if that breaks the rules creators but a writers gotta do what a writers gotta do.

I hope to make some really good friends here and create some fan fics that everyone will love.

I am also a writer on LightningStrike @WolfAndBookLover, so check out some of my stories there.

Thats all for now, Chao.


Broken Naruto Challenge- Must Include:

-A Naruto with broken emotions before the acadamy

-A mask that Naruto wears at the acadamy to hide his true self

-The original Team's must be made

-Sasuke has to be the one to find out about the mask

-Sasuke AND the other 9 rookies must help fix him

-Naruto must know about the Kyubbi since the beggining

-The Kyubbi has to berate Naruto (Can be mean or nice)

-The Kyubbi changes over the years and actually tries to correct his mistakes he's made with Naruto

-Sasuke does not leave the leaf -The Uchiha Massacre is avoided

Rise Of The Gaurdians. Lifeless Jack The challenge is this. Jack has lost hope after the first hundred years of solitude, and has accepted being invisible. When the gaurdians comes for him, they discover he is listless about everything but his job. When Pitch meets Jack at Tooth palace he gets a little nervous, because the only thing Jack fears is not being able to get back to his job. You have free reign after that scene. But please have him stay during easter. (Ship may be Jackrabbit(Brotherly or loving), Blackice(Pitch isn't that cold hearted(Father son pairing)), or JackXOC(Your OC to be precise)

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