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I only make fan fiction stories for fun...

I’m out of school…..

I have autism…..

The Best Star Wars character is Kylo Ren.

The walking dead is the best tv show ever, it has a great run.

Cobra Kai is the best show ever, I’m so glad it came out back in 2018/2019.

Favorite Star Wars Rebels Character:Ezra Bridger.

Favorite Star Wars The Clone Wars Character:Ahsoka Tano.

Favorite Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Character:Poe Dameron.

Favorite Star Wars Original Trilogy Character:Luke Skywalker.

Favorite Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Character:Anakin Skywalker.

Favorite Lightsaber Color:Emerald Green.

Favorite Blaster:DC-15A Blaster.

best star wars rebels couple:kanera

The best walking dead couple is richonne.

all time favorite walking dead character:Rick grimes.

Favorite Robin:Jason Peter Todd/The 2nd Robin/Wingman/Red Hood, Jason Peter Todd/Robin/Red Hood/Evil Nightwing/Red Robin/Red Hood again/Imposter Batman/Red Hood again:):), Jason Peter Todd/The 2nd Robin/The Arkham Knight/Red Hood

second favorite robin:Dick Grayson/The 1st Robin/Nightwing/Agent-37/Batman

Best Batman voice Actors/actors:

David Mazouz (Younger Bruce Wayne)

Troy Baker (20 years old Bruce Wayne/Batman)

Kevin Conroy (30-50 years old Batman)

Jason O’Mara, Bruce Greenwood (30-35 Years Old Bruce Wayne/Batman)

Roger Craig Smith (20 years old Bruce Wayne/Batman)

Peter Weller (darker older Batman)

best mom character in the walking dead is Michonne.

favorite Rock and punk pop band:Linkin Park and Seether, Avenged Sevenfold and Simple Plan, I Prevail and Green Day, Sleeping with Sirens and All American Rejects, Papa Roach and Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boy and Breaking Benjamin, Red and Sum 41 and Evanescence.

favorite Linkin Park Songs:Numb, What I've Done, Shadow Of The Day, In The End, Nobody Can Save Me, One More Light, Leave Out All The Rest, Iridescent, Faint, Easier To Run, Crawling, One Step Closer, Papercut, Breaking The Habit, Pushing Me Away, Somewhere I Belong, Lying From You, Waiting For The End, Battle Symphony, Invisible, In Pieces, No More Sorrow, From The Inside, Burn It Down, Castle Of Glass, Roads Untraveled, The Catalyst, Talking To Myself, New Divide, Wake.

favorite simple plan songs:I'm just a kid, worst day ever, addict, I'd do anything, shut up, welcome to my life, me against the world, untitled, crazy, when I'm gone, save you, your love is a lie, I can wait forever, jet lagged, can't keep my hands off you, gone too soon, opinion overload, astronaut, I don't wanna go bed, don't wanna think about you, grow up, jump, perfect.

favorite tv shows:the walking dead, friends, Full house, 13 reasons why, Cobra Kai, Arrow, The Flash, Spectacular Spider-Man.

favorite regular show characters:skips, high five ghost, muscle man, Rigby,

Pops, Thomas

Favorite full house characters:DJ, Uncle Jesse, Steve, Michelle, Stephanie, Joey, Danny, Nicky and Alex.

Cobra Kai OCs:

Jason Lawerence


Johnny Lawerence (Father)

Shannon Keene (Mother)

Robby Keene (Twin Brother)

Violet LaRusso (Love Interest)

Carmen Diaz (Stepmother)

Miguel Diaz (Stepbrother and Best Friend)

Appearances:The Son Rises, Cobras of Brotherhood, Teenage Karate Ninja Turtles.

Walking Dead OCs:

Jason Grimes

Family and Friends:

Rick Grimes (Adoptive Father)

Lori Grimes (Mother)

Shane Walsh (Father)

Michonne Hawthorne (Adoptive Mother)

Carl Grimes (Half Younger Brother)

Judith Grimes (Half Younger Sister)

RJ Grimes (Adoptive Younger Brother)

Maggie Greene (Love Interest)

Hershel Grimes (Son)

Bethany Grimes (Daughter)

Josephine Grimes (Daughter)

Appearance:Family is Thicker than Blood.

Christian Grimes

Family and Friends:

Eve/Evie Grimes (Mother)

Unknown (Father)

Daryl Dixon (Stepfather)

Merle Dixon (Step-Uncle)

Will Dixon (Step-Grandfather)

Jess Collins (Step-Great Uncle)

Deacon Grimes (Grandfather)

Audra Grimes (Grandmother)

Jeffrey Grimes (Uncle)

Maria Grimes (Aunt)

Talia Grimes (Cousin)

Rick Grimes (Uncle)

Lori Grimes (Aunt)

Carl Grimes (Cousin)

Judith Grimes (Adoptive Cousin)

RJ Grimes (Cousin)

Lydia (Love Interest)


Jacob Walsh

Family and Friends:

Jonathan Walsh (Father)

Adeline Walsh (Mother)

Shane Walsh (Older Brother)

Judith Grimes (Niece)

Beth Greene (Love Interest)

Appearance:Family‘s Important.

Drew Grimes

Family and Friends:

Deacon Grimes (Father)

Audra Grimes (Mother)

Rick Grimes (Older Brother)

Jeffrey Grimes (Older Brother)

Lori Grimes (Sister In Law)

Carl Grimes (Nephew)

Judith Grimes (Adoptive Niece)

RJ Grimes (Nephew)

Maggie Greene (Love Interest)

Becky Baker (Girlfriend)-(Deceased)

Adam Grimes (Son)

Appearance:Whatever it takes…..

Clint Grimes

Family and Friends:

Deacon Grimes (Father)

Audra Grimes (Mother)

Rick Grimes (Older Brother)

Jeffrey Grimes (Younger Brother)

Laura Grimes (Wife/Love Interest #1)

Robby Grimes (Oldest Son)

Cooper Grimes (Second Oldest Son)

Lila Grimes (Oldest Daughter)

Clint “CJ” Grimes Jr. (First Youngest Son)

Nathaniel Grimes (Second Youngest Son)

Lori Grimes (Sister In Law)

Carl Grimes (Nephew)

Judith Grimes (Adoptive Niece)

RJ Grimes (Nephew)

Clementine Everett (Daughter In Law)

Alvin Jr./AJ Grimes (Adoptive Grandson)

Appearance:Last Hope.

Ethan Greene

Family and Friends:

Hershel Greene (Father)

Josephine Greene (Mother)-(Deceased)

Arnold Greene (Younger Brother)

Maggie Greene (Younger Sister)

Annette Greene (Stepmother)-(Deceased)

Shawn Greene (Stepbrother)

Billy Greene (Half Younger Brother)

Beth Greene (Half Younger Sister)

Marie Nolan-Greene (Ex-Wife)-(Deceased)

Austin Greene (Son)

Hershel Rhee (Nephew)

Andrea Harrison (Love Interest)


Theo Walsh

Family and Friends:

Shane Walsh (Father)

Unnamed Woman (Mother)

Rick Grimes (Godfather)

Lori Grimes (Godmother)

Carl Grimes (Godbrother)

Judith Grimes (Half Younger Sister)

Sophia Peletier (Love Interest)

Appearance:Like Father, Like Son.

Jamie Grimes

Family and Friends:

Lori Grimes (Mother)

Rick Grimes (Father)

Carl Grimes (Younger Brother)

Judith Grimes (Half Younger Sister)

Beth Greene (Love Interest)

Appearance:Young Love

Clay Grimes

Family and Friends:

Lori Grimes (Mother)

Rick Grimes (Father)

Carl Grimes (Twin Brother)

Judith Grimes (Half Younger Sister)

Sophia Peletier (Love Interest)

Appearance:Be Strong For Family

Wes Grimes

Family and Friends:

Rick Grimes (Father)

Lori Grimes (Mother)

Carl Grimes (Younger Brother)

Judith Grimes (Younger Half Sister)

RJ Grimes (Younger Half Brother)

Beth Greene (Love Interest)

Appearance:Troubled Youth, A Light in the Darkness.

Frank Walsh

Family and Friends:

Jonathan Walsh (Father)

Adeline Walsh (Mother)

Shane Walsh (Identical Twin Brother)

Maria Walsh (Wife/Love Interest #1)

Nora Walsh (Oldest Daughter)

Avery Walsh (Second Oldest Daughter)

Jacob Walsh (Oldest Son)

Lisa Walsh (Youngest Daughter)

Frank ”Frankie” Walsh Jr. (Youngest Son)

Jason Walsh (Youngest Son)

Rick Grimes (Best Friend/Brother in Arms)

Carl Grimes (Surrogate Nephew/Son in Law)

Jordan Grimes (Surrogate Nephew & Son/Godson)

Judith Grimes (Niece)

Clementine Everett (Adoptive Daughter/Daughter In Law)

Alvin “AJ” Jr. (Adoptive Grandson)

Appearance:The Punisher Rises……

Jordan Grimes

Family and Friends:

Favorite Fuller House characters:DJ, Jackson, max, Ramona, Tommy, Cosmo, Jimmy, Kimmy.

favorite walking dead characters:Rick grimes, Daryl Dixon, Maggie Rhee, Enid Rhee, Glenn Rhee, Carl Grimes, Michonne, Eugene Porter, Shane Walsh, Sasha Williams, Beth Greene, Andrea Harrison, Carol, Jesus, Dwight, King Ezekiel Sutton.

Most favorite walking dead characters:Rick Grimes, Shane Walsh, Daryl Dixon, Maggie Greene-Rhee, Carl Grimes, Enid, Merle Dixon, Jesus, Carol Peletier, Hershel Greene, Tara Chambler, Michonne, Beth Greene, Morgan Jones.

Favorite batman movies and cartoons:batman (jack Nicholson as the joker), the dark knight rises, under the red hood, batman (2003), batman:brave and the bolt, batman beyond and dawn of Justice:batman vs superman.

favorite 13 reasons why characters:clay Jensen, Justin foley, alex standall, Jessica Davis, Zach Dempsey and Hannah Baker.

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