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“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” — Albert Einstein

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to be here! First of all, I can totally read: the username that you’d just read was nothing more than a catchy oxymoron. :P

You can call me Owls! I'm a young adult who loves to read and be immersed in stories ever since young. I'm ever trying to continually improve on my writing, so all constructive feedback is welcome and appreciated! :D

As for what I usually write, I should stress that I do not exclusively write for a single fandom. That being said, I'm leaning towards specializing in the following fandoms for the following reasons:

- Kirby: My favorite video game series since young! I love Kirby, and the joyous pink puffball is my muse that I always come back to! Beam Kirby is my favorite ability, Planet Robobot is my favorite game. Though I like both continuities, gameverse over animeverse hands down (not entirely its fault, KoTS came out before the modern Kumazaki games and its focus on lore), even if Terminal Paralysis appears to contradict that notion. Will always go back to this series when stuck in a rut. Poyo! :D

- The Land Before Time: A dark and despairing, yet poignant tale of many young dinosaurs breaking the species boundary to pull through thick and thin together. I should probably stress that it was actually two LBT fics (The Seven Hunters & The Swimmer Trials) that spurred me to actually become a fanfic writer. Yep, yep, yep!

- Miraculous Ladybug: I'm a sucker for superhero stuff, and I did like Totally Spies, so this was an inevitability. Screw the love square between the main characters lol, it sucks you in like a black hole and makes you want to scream at them and their obliviousness — I know it did for me AHEM LIKE SRSLY HOW CAN YOU BE SO BLIND. Also, kwamis are cute. Plagg best kwami. ;)

Regardless, you might notice a common trend with the stories that I write overall: I love to write unique ideas and concepts that haven't been written yet. That's my shtick, in fact. I write for myself if I haven't seen a fic on the internet with any given idea that I have a vested interest in, and I’m all game for trying new territory and interactions!

You know what they say: write what you want to read!

Updates may be a little sporadic for now since I'm currently in university, but I'm trying to manage my time so as to keep updates semi-regular. My main focus for now are the Kirby game/anime crossover mega-fic, Terminal Paralysis, the Land Before Time species-swap fic, Waves Crashing Upon the Sky, the Wreck-It Ralph AU fic, Your Princess Owes Me a Thousand Coins, and the Miraculous Ladybug Plagg-centric fic, Kwamis Are Nice If Their Masters Are.

About Me:

Voilà! Here are some random and/or useless info about this fanfic author trash who really needs to get a less time-consuming hobby. :)

Name: Do you expect me to give my real name? Pretty sure this site's Privacy Policy actively discourages that. I go by this pen name on FFN, AO3, and the Land Before Time Gang of Five forum, though I do use a different username elsewhere on the web, so if you know me well you might be able to recognize my alter-ego. But if you do, shush!

Why I Joined: I've lurked this site for countless hours before and invested much of my time into reading fanfiction when younger so as to improve my own reading and writing skills. After all, despite FFN's uncanny (and sometimes undeserved) reputation of being a cesspool of absolutely crappy stories, the reality is not entirely true: there are diamonds in the rough. Great stories, in fact! What got me to join for real was to inspire my own younger brother, who'd signed up for an account here as well. I used to vet through his stories, but unfortunately, I can't be there forever to support him, so here's to him becoming a better author on his own!

Other Stuff: I like math, it's actually my favorite subject in school. Heh, did you think that I would say English? That said however, I must give a special thanks to my secondary school English teacher! She's very talented, and I credit her with my interest in the subject. In other news, I'm primarily an introvert. You know, the lazy person who always stares at their laptop and phone. Hee, the self-depreciation!

Favorite Fandoms: Well, I like a lot of them. Too many to count, in fact. So if I'd already written a fic for it, it’s probably up there in my list. If not, then I’ll write a fic for it eventually… it’s only a matter of time. My absolute favorites are the ones that I specialize in, so my main fandom right now is the Land Before Time! :) If you're a fan of the Land Before Time, do join the Gang of Five community forum or consider hopping onto a Ducky-centric Land Before Time Discord server that I set up (PM me for invite link, we can chat abt fics there! :D).

Here are my upcoming/work-in-progress stories!
By the way, here comes the disclaimer that I don't own or claim to own any of the canon characters from any series/fandom I write in. You know, the usual stuff.

Coming Soon-ish:
- Chapter 11 of Waves Crashing Upon the Sky, the REAL finale of the fastwater race arc.
- Chapter 3 of The Propeller Swimmer, showing Pellie's early life in the herd.
- Gang of Five Summer Prompt Exchange — "Write a story that features one of Ducky's siblings taking the place of Ducky for a day in the gang, or one of Petrie's siblings doing the same for Petrie, and show how they adapt to the fun (and chaos) that the gang gets up to on a typical near-death experience adventure."
- Chapter 5 of Kwamis Are Nice If Their Masters Are. Introspection chapter w/ Marinette & Tikki.
- Chapter 6 of Of Broken Words and Mud Brothers, swimming sharptooth attack in the middle of LBT IX.
- Belated entry to Gang of Five March 2020 Fanfic OC Special Prompt — “make a story that focuses on another author's OC,” and/or “write a story that is set in the universe of another Land Before Time fanfiction.”
- Chapter 2 of Grilled Cheese Equals Discombobulated Mind Control, detailing the remainder of S1E20 before the end-credits scene.
- Fic #4 of the Chaos in Another Dimension series, ft. Dark Meta Knight.
- Chapter 4 of False Positive; ft. the Fix-It Family and their adopted Sugar Rush Racers trying to uncover the mystery of the missing Vanellope, and Vanellope doing everything in her power to stop them. Oh, the cruel irony.
- Chapter 2 of Exotic Blu-Bird Hunt. Should be the Moose Lake traffic light scene, as well as its aftermath on the hapless driver.
- Chapter 18 of Terminal Paralysis (~10% complete as of 221219), conclusion and finale of story arc #4: the Fofa Factor arc.

Eventual/Possible Future Concepts:
- Kirby gameverse fic based on Star Allies pause lore. And no, not the one you think…
- Fic #5 of the Chaos in Another Dimension series, ft. Daroach & the Squeaks.
- Extra bonus chapter for Bring Me Their Miraculous!
- Chapter 7 of The Meitantei Turnabout, which will finally close off the Hotel Murder arc. Still debating on the hiatus after Chapter 8 for this one, the mystery is messing with me and my draft.

Ongoing Story List:

The Propeller Swimmer (Land Before Time)
Pellie's cumbersome tail has given her a lot of trouble when it comes to mobility, and has made the child a laughing stock in the herd for being born with a disability which hindered her movements. But a stubborn swimmer like Pellie wouldn't let that stop her, no siree! Prompt response to Jun 20 LBT Fanfic Challenge as well as a backstory to my OC submission to The Swimmer Trials.

Grilled Cheese Equals Discombobulated Mind Control (Phineas and Ferb)
Through an insane stroke of luck, Heinz Doofenshmirtz managed to gain cognitive control over an O.W.C.A. agent. If only he was aware of that fact and didn't drive his still conscious but not-as-accommodating-as-Perry host up the wall. Expansion of the end credits scene of S1E20: Journey to the Center of Candace.

Of Broken Words and Mud Brothers (Land Before Time)
A despondent Mo has trouble accepting that he has been exiled from his water kin. When he ends up in the Great Valley, his simultaneous unwillingness to trust others and hunger for company ends up having a large impact in a cunning plan… one to get in the Gang of Five's good books. Prompt response to Jun 19 LBT Fanfic Challenge.

Exotic Blu-Bird Hunt (Rio)
A truck driver loses a priceless Spix's Macaw and goes half-insane trying to get it back. Canon-compliant and a sort of stealth prequel to the first Rio movie. Somewhat crack.

Kwamis Are Nice If Their Masters Are (Miraculous Ladybug)
Hawkmoth seizes control of Plagg. It ends about as well as one expects — chaos ensues when the small cat realizes exactly who Hawkmoth is behind the mask.

The Threehorn Way (Land Before Time)
Cera was taught by her Daddy that threehorns are best at everything! But is that really the case? Prompt response to Dec 18 LBT Fanfic Challenge.

Your Princess Owes Me a Thousand Coins (Wreck-It Ralph)
Tapper confronts Rancis, Gloyd, and Swizzle in his tavern and demands that their princess pays back her debt to him. But what princess is he talking about? Sugar Rush doesn't have a princess… does it? Slight AU of the first Wreck-It Ralph film.

False Positive (Wreck-It Ralph)
Knowsmore's plan works. Unfortunately, it works a little too well, and now Vanellope has to live with the consequences. Alternate ending to Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Waves Crashing Upon the Sky (Land Before Time)
A mythical shiny stone allows its wearer to change between species and live their life anew. When two of these stones fall into the hands of Ducky the swimmer and Petrie the flyer, the initial thrill of becoming species of their opposite elements is quickly outweighed by all the secrets, lies, and feelings that spring forth from their escapades.

Terminal Paralysis (Kirby)
“It seems this being of darkness will wander the galaxy until one day he is reborn into a new existence. When he returns, hopefully it will be as… a friend.
When the Destroyer of Worlds is reborn, the resulting chase by many to locate the reborn god across galaxies turns into humorous devastation as two Planet Popstars get caught up in the ensuing chaos brought forth by the whole ordeal. How can Kirby and the Star Allies cope with an alternate Dream Land which seems so familiar, yet is vastly different from their own? Crossover between the Kirby games and the Hoshi no Kaabii/Kirby of the Stars anime series.

Anokata (Detective Conan)
Just who is the boss of the Men in Black? Find out as we dive into the minds of different people, each taking the role of the ruthless leader of the Organization… no matter how absurd it is. Possibly crack.

How to Make a Pokémon League (Pokémon)
How exactly did Kukui make the League? Find out the troubles that the professor encountered behind the scenes with four new Elite Four members by his side. Set during Pokémon Sun and Moon.

The Meitantei Turnabout (Ace Attorney, Detective Conan)
What would happen if Phoenix met Conan? Complete and utter sarcastic chaos, that's what. Crossover between Detective Conan and Ace Attorney.
(On hiatus until further notice.)

Like Egg Salad and Mayonnaise (Lilo & Stitch)
Experiment 625, rather than 626, is the one found and shown off at the Galactic Federation's trial. Being lazy but not destructive, 625 screws Jumba's verdict up, causing hijinks to ensue via domino effect.

Hickory Dickory Dock (Mirumo de Pon)
AU-continuation fic set years after the finale in a what-if scenario of Mirumo's punishment being much worse than just being turned into a rabbit.
(After a one year hiatus, rewrite of the first eleven chapters has been completed! Soon to resume!)

That's all, folks! I sincerely hope that my stories entertain or even inspire you, much like how some writers and their creative stories have inspired me to try my hand at being an author in the past.

If they are of your interest or liking, please do give my fics a look and don't hesitate to tell me your thoughts! Do not fret, I'm open to constructive criticism through reviews and PMs. Cheers and happy reading!

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