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Our Lord and Saviour Gandhi

I will one day write a fanfic!


mpreg is disturbing

here is a russian smilEy fec)))))))

Here are qu0tesssss which I live by:

"I'm sure I can eat one more chicken wing" - Buddha.

The best fanfictions I've read (HP, ASoIaF, SW, CG)

HARRY POTTER - Circular Reasoning - Swimdraconian In-progress (ihope). All-time fav Harry Potter fic. Slightly insane Harry, the writings 11/10, whatever drug this writer is on I wantttie!!!

A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE - Dragons of Ice and Fire serpentguy All-time fav A Song of Ice and Fire fic. The the description of the Dragon is enough to make it No.1 of all asoiaf/got fics!

ASOIAF - The Black Prince - cxjenious - Harry Potter Crossover Abandoned, but still my favorite crossover of all time, potential to be the greatest ficcccccceverrrrrrrr

HARRY POTTER - The Wastelands of Time - Joe6991 Complete. EPIC, just epic.

HARRY POTTER A Long Journey Home - Rakeesh In-progress (ihope) This. This is it

BLEACH - Retsu's Folly - nuhuh Harry Potter Crossover Sooo g00000d

DRESDEN FILES - Demon's Feign, Merlin's Pain - nuhuh Harry Potter Crossover Complete. I laughed - a lot, just read it, hell read it for the last chapter alone. Most epic ending I've read yet I believe.

HARRY POTTER - Catharsis - nuhuh In Progress/abandoned. Everything by this writer is good

HARRY POTTER An Unfound Door - Joe6991 In progress. --

HARRY POTTER - The Heartlands of Time - Joe6991 Complete. Sequel to Waste land of times.

STAR WARS - Empire's Son II - Blank101 - Empire's Son Hands down the best star wars ficcccccc, soooo good.

HARRY POTTER - Enduring Obsession - whitedwarf I hate slash, still for some reason I really like this.

HARRY POTTER - Victoria Potter - Taure magical, probably the most mossttttttttt uh, Harry Potter-ish fic I've read. Alot of worldbuilding obvS.

HARRY POTTER - Black Luminary - YakAge Really love the characters in this one, and the Black famiyllylyly is gr8

HARRY POTTER - What Lies Beneath - MasterSlytherin Solid, just Solid. SOOOOOOO GOOD.

STAR WARS - Empire's Son I - Blank101 - Empire's Son Everything by this writer is gr8

STAR WARS - In Shadows and Darkness - Blank101 - Son of Suns

STAR WARS - Into the Storm - Blank101 - Son of Suns

CODE GEASS - Lelouch of Britannia - Cal reflector Haven't read it in a while shud probs be higher on this "list" if you cud call it dat. Greatest Code gEassssssss fic ever! Lelouch stays with the Empire.

STAR WARS - Ad Utrumque Paratus - obeyingthemuse

STAR WARS - Darth Vader: Hero of Naboo - AkumaKami64 Abandoneddddd probs, still very good what is out already.

STAR WARS - At the Brink of Dawn and the Darkness - Blank101 - Son of Suns

CODE GEASS - Megiddo - Wing Zero Alpha really good for its length and looking at how well its going it just gets better-

NARUTO - Uchiha Fukurou - ToBetasered Harry Potter crossover A Naruto fic I read.

CODE GEASS - Galton's Children - LVDB - Elfen Lied crossover One of those weird and rare anddddd andddddd. The dialogue is crazy good.

HARRY POTTER - The Double Agent - bourkem - complete, oneshot - I really like this one, big broooo harrrrehhhhhhh

gah im lazy, sorry for underplaying these masterpieces with my lack of word-skills, just read a chap of each of these it will be worth your timE

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