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My real name is Tera. My old pen name was tohma4me. I'm 27 years old and have been a member of for quite a few years but I've been struggling with major writers block for the last few years, mainly because I had another baby and he takes up all my thinking time but some of my work that is no longer listed was Everything But the Kitchen Sink... actually I think that's the only one that got deleted because of "copyright infringement." Stupid. I know. We all know. But somehow it's legal to write an alternate story from someone else's work... whatever! Anyways. I am planning to write a lot of one shots since I still get ideas but they never evolve to the extent of tagging on any following chapters.

It seems my specialty is parody. I once tried to write a Gravitation drama/angst story and deleted it myself because not only did I think it was lame and going nowhere, but so did everyone that read it. I love honesty... seriously.

Anyways. I have nothing else to babble about here so I'll leave it at this, for now.

A fanfic is incomplete without a soundtrack. Keep an eye out for song listings in the first paragraph of any upcoming stories*

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