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I'm Brockster550, and I enjoy reading and writing Harry Potter fanfiction. I'm no longer posting here, instead I've migrated over to Archive Of Our Own under the same username. You can find me there if you wish to read my revamped work.

My Original Characters for my Harry Potter fanfiction (ones that have been seen and/or heard in my stories):

Karley Bell, April Spinnet, Trina Davis, Nikki Tonks, Tammy Higgs, Viktoriya Krum, Aurora Delacour, Madeleine Beaumont, Jade Leroux, Demi Potter, Celine Lerum, Persephone Clearwater, Kallie Kinberg, Chiaki Chang, Florencia Weasley, Dominique Malfoy, Margot Malfoy, Katarina Heywood, Brianna Lestrange, Maggie McGonagall, Claire and Chloe Fournier, Louis Fournier, Erik Krum, Runa Krum, Ophelia Black, Russell Delacour, Allura Delacour, Emmanuelle Delacour, Wyatt Beaumont, Audrey Beaumont, Valerie Beaumont, Lucas Beaumont, Avril Beaufoy, Lucien Malfoy, Chantae Malfoy, Kenneth Bell, Kallie Bell, Keagan Bell, Axel Spinnet, Astrid Spinnet, Andre Johnson, Keesha Johnson, Morocco Johnson

Harry Potter pairings I favor (no specific order):

Harry/Cho (OTP): This pairing had some wonderful potential in canon, given Harry's interactions with Cho in the third and fourth books being interesting as well as genuine and natural; as opposed to Harry's rare interactions with Ginny being awkward and insincere. Plus, Cho was a kind-hearted person and genuinely believed Harry to be innocent of the cheating accusations in the fourth book and even believed in Harry. Furthermore, Cho was one of a small handful of students to see Harry for just Harry and not his BWL title, and she had a good first impression by greeting him with a smile (the quidditch match where Malfoy and his goons dressed up as dementors to scare Harry), proving that she wasn't a BWL fangirl. It was a shame J.K. Rowling didn't recognize the potential for this pairing (much less Cho's potential), since she wanted to selfishly pair Harry with Ginny (who was not only the ultimate BWL fangirl, but was also a spoiled brat to the core and one of the author's self-inserts). So J.K. Rowling desperately tried dumbing Cho down while desperately trying to shove Ginny as Harry's 'it girl' down our throats. Cho definitely doesn't deserve all the hate she tends to get.

Harry/Luna: This pairing had some wonderful potential as well, since Luna understands Harry better than Ron, Hermione, and Ginny combined. Like Cho, Luna also saw Harry for just Harry and if she were introduced earlier, Luna would've been by Harry's side no matter what, and she also had a good first impression. She even revived Harry's spirits in the fifth book without expecting anything in return; something Ron, Hermione, and Ginny wouldn't have done (as they would've expected rewards in return while continuing to manipulate him). Despite being bullied and being viewed as an outcast, Luna continued to be the same kind-hearted person who rarely gets angry.

Harry/Gabrielle (fanon Gabrielle closer to Harry's age): J.K. Rowling missed a wonderful opportunity to make Gabrielle closer to Harry's age. Since she (like Fleur) is part-veela, Gabrielle would understand how it feels to be viewed as an object, a prize to be won, or even a potential trophy wife because of having the veela allure and extreme outer beauty. Plus, Harry being immune to the allure would've been endearing to Gabrielle and Fleur, since they want a mate who would see them for who they are and not for what they are. Plus, Harry having rescued her from the depths of the Black Lake on a coincidence would've made the pairing work out well.

Harry/Susan: Susan would've been another good match for Harry, since she knows what it's like to be the last member of her family. Plus, she lost her parents to Voldemort and his death eaters in the first wizarding war like Harry's parents. Furthermore, Susan and Harry had relatives looking after them, but Susan was raised with love and affection (given Amelia was more than fair to Harry at his unjust hearing) while Harry was abused and neglected.

Harry/Astoria: Astoria has alot of potential, even though her sister Daphne gets quite a bit of attention. It would be fun to read about Harry having a friendly conversation with Astoria and to see Draco fighting for her under the belief that she is his girl. Astoria being in Luna's year and being nicknamed Tori are both my headcanon.

Harry/Tracey: Tracey also has some wonderful potential, as any Slytherin paired with Harry could help end that pointless rivalry. Plus, Tracey being a half-blood gives her something that she and Harry have in common.

Harry/Demelza: Demelza having an interest in quidditch is something she and Harry have in common. Demelza being in Luna's year is also my headcanon.

Harry/Original Female Character: There are times where writing these stories are fun because it opens up many possibilities.

Harry/Flora/Hestia: Harry being paired with the Carrow twins also has some wonderful potential, especially if one of the twins could be the future Mrs. Potter and the other could be the future Mrs. Black (if Harry were to be the head of the Black family on Sirius' behalf, since his unjust stay in Azkaban likely rendered him sterile). The twins being in Luna's year is also my headcanon.

Harry Potter pairings I'm neutral with, where exceptions can be made with the right idea (no specific order):

Harry/Fleur: Fleur would've been a wonderful match for Harry, since she knows what it feels like to be treated as a prize to be won, given her veela allure and extreme outer beauty. She can relate to Harry for that. Despite being a bit on the arrogant side, Fleur was never malicious and she showed her softer and more mature side when she showed genuine concern for her sister during the second task of the Triwizard Tournament after being unable to rescue her in time. Harry even rescued Fleur in the maze during the third task, when she was attacked by the imperiused Viktor and Harry sent up the red sparks to help get Fleur to safety.

Harry/Pansy: Even though Pansy was shown to have a mean streak because she was almost invariably hanging around Draco and his goons, she did show a softer side during a Care of Magical Creatures lesson when she expressed a fondness for unicorns (something she immediately tried to conceal). That proved that she may not have been as bad as Harry thought.

Harry/Penelope: Even though she is four years older than Harry, Penelope could've had a chance with Harry since he did help save her from that basilisk. It didn't help matters that she virtually disappeared after the third book.

Harry/Tonks: Despite being seven years older than Harry, Tonks may have had a chance with Harry sometime after he finished Hogwarts. Tonks ending up with Remus was an ass pull and they didn't appear to have anything in common. Harry and Tonks being half-bloods was something they had in common. Harry and Tonks had more potential when, in the fifth movie, they had something of a race on their brooms when heading to Twelve Grimmauld Place, and when they made it there Tonks even winked at Harry before heading into the kitchen for an order meeting. It was a bad idea for J.K. Rowling to have her killed when she didn't deserve to die so young.

Harry/Daphne: Even though this pairing is a bit on the common side, I'm more likely to write a story with this pairing compared to Harmione and Hinny (as they're the most common pairings, even more common than Haphne).






Harry/Lisa Turpin

Harry/Megan Jones

Harry/Morag MacDougel

Harry/Gemma Farley





Harry/Lilith Moon

Harry/Mandy Brocklehurst

Harry/Sophie Roper




Harry/Sue Li

Harry/Romilda (fanon Romilda)

Harry/Hermione (fanon Hermione)

Harry/Ginny (fanon Ginny)

Harry Potter pairings I despise and won't write about:

Harry/Ginny (canon Ginny)

Harry/Hermione (canon Hermione)

Harry/Romilda (canon Romilda)


All same-sex pairings

Harry being paired with ladies who're closer to his parents' ages

Moments in Harry Potter canon that make absolutely zero sense (the same moments that were analyzed from a literary perspective with logic thrown in):

Harry staying with the Dursleys: Honestly, no child should ever have to go back to an abusive environment under any circumstances. The Dursleys treated Harry like a disease that needed to be eliminated by working him like a slave, beating him for minor infractions or for no reason at all, forced him to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs, hardly fed him decent-sized meals, and gave him next to nothing in return. The only reason Harry was given Dudley's second bedroom was so the Dursleys could avoid retribution after part of the address on Harry's acceptance letters said, 'the cupboard under the stairs,' since otherwise the Dursleys would've kept his bedroom in the cupboard. Even Marge helped out in abusing Harry such as whacking a then four-year-old Harry in the shins to stop him from beating Dudley at musical statues during the latter's fifth birthday party, giving Harry a box of dog biscuits (and likely forced him to eat them) while Dudley got a computerized robot, and refusing to call Ripper off after Harry accidentally stepped on his paw until well past midnight.

Heck, Vernon even decided to lock Harry in his room after finding out he wasn't supposed to use magic outside of school (even though Dobby used the hover charm to smash Petunia's pudding, something Vernon was unaware of but it wouldn't have mattered to him either way) as punishment for ruining the dinner party with the Masons. Vernon even paid a man to fit bars over Harry's bedroom window and heavily padlocked Harry's bedroom door before fitting a small cat flap next to the door to push small meals through. The only times Harry was let out was for bathroom uses morning and night, while otherwise being locked in his room around the clock. This wasn't only disproportionate retribution, but it was also false imprisonment and attempted murder (since Harry was left with zero escape routes and wouldn't have had a chance if the house caught fire). That proved that Harry was never safe with the Dursleys despite Dumbledore's claims otherwise.

The Hinny pairing (and Ginny being Harry's 'it girl'): There's absolutely no way that Harry and Ginny were meant to be, much less also being soulmates. Harry and Ginny very rarely interacted with each other and those moments were always awkward and insincere, not to mention that Ginny was always a bad influence on Harry (such as somehow convincing him to join in taunting Fleur, bringing chocolate into the library at Hogwarts, and calling Luna 'loony,' for example). Ginny was always going to see Harry as the Boy-Who-Lived (her departing words for him in the sixth book 'I always knew you wouldn't be happy unless you were hunting Voldemort down,' ultimately proved that) while manipulating him into thinking she was an angel despite being a spoiled brat to the core in reality. It was also shown that Ginny was one of J.K. Rowling's self-inserts.

In the first book: Ginny's spoiled brat nature was pretty clear, as was her fangirl behavior. Like Ron and their mother, Ginny was in on the plan of setting Harry up to meet them (ex.: Molly asking what the name of the platform was and Ginny quickly answering that correctly) while the three pretended not to be expecting Harry. Ginny didn't even pay any attention to Harry whatsoever, only when she found out he was the Boy-Who-Lived did she react with the fangirl behavior (making it a lust-at-first-sight moment) while whining and demanding to see him like he was a zoo animal with Molly telling her sons not to bring it up (while she didn't tell that to her only daughter). Harry looking at her as the train was departing wasn't a love-at-first-sight moment, he was simply confused as to why Ginny was behaving like the ultimate fangirl of his fame. When Harry got off the train at the end of his first year, Ginny behaved like a fangirl and a spoiled brat again when she spotted Harry and whined to see him. It was pretty clear that Ginny was Molly's favorite child, since she was the first Weasley-born girl in generations and Molly always wanted a daughter.

In the second book: Ginny's fangirl behavior flared up when she constantly stared at Harry while blushing madly in his presence, and yet she was never told off for that. Despite Harry being told by Ron that Ginny never really shuts up, Ginny remained uncharacteristically quiet whenever Harry was around because she didn't want to see her hero upset in any way. At Lockhart's book signing, Ginny didn't even lift a finger to stop Lockhart from kidnapping Harry by dragging him towards him so he could get pictures of the Boy-Who-Lived. Ginny just stared at the ordeal in admiration (as did Hermione and Molly, while Ron stared in jealousy), and yet she had the gall to defend Harry's honour when Draco accused him of looking for more fame and glory, thus proving that she was only sucking up to Harry. Even when Lucius slipped the cursed diary in her cauldron, Ginny should've handed it in to her dad when it wrote back to her the first time since she was taught by her parents not to trust objects capable of thinking for itself (especially with Arthur working for the ministry and Bill working as a curse-breaker, and the Weasleys being pure-bloods), thus proving that it was her decision to be apart of it. But being the spoiled brat she always was, Ginny chose to keep it to herself and continue writing in the diary, even bringing it to the school with her despite knowing by then that it was a dangerous artifact. That made her guilty of reckless endangerment when she set the basilisk loose several times and given the basilisk's deadly gaze, Ginny was also guilty of multiple counts of attempted first-degree murder (given that anybody could've been killed by the deadly gaze, and likely several counts of attempted first-degree mass murder) since bringing the diary to the school and waiting until Halloween for the attacks to start was a form of pre-planning. Ginny was also indirectly responsible for Harry's parseltongue abilities getting exposed, and also responsible for Harry getting blamed for being the Heir of Slytherin because of her refusal to confess.

Ginny even tossed the diary in the girls' lavatory because she felt that Tom's soul fragment wasn't doing enough to help her win her hero's affections, thus she committed tampering with evidence because she didn't want to get in trouble even though the diary could've ended up in the hands of another innocent student. She was lucky that no one was killed, and that Harry found the diary. During the time when Harry had a hold of the diary, the attacks on the muggle-borns stopped. Ginny's Valentine's card for Harry also proved that her fangirl behavior remained, especially with the poem she wrote on the inside. Once Ginny spotted the diary falling out of Harry's schoolbag on Valentine's Day, she waited until Gryffindor Tower was deserted before ransacking through Harry's belongings and stealing the diary back, thus causing the whole fiasco to repeat itself (making it even more clear that she knew what she was doing, and being eleven years old won't justify that). Even when McGonagall came in to impose those new rules and inform her Gryffindor lions that the school would close unless the culprit behind the attacks was caught, Ginny still refused to fess up and hand the diary in because she didn't want to get expelled. Then in a desperate attempt, Ginny deliberately got herself dragged into the chamber to pretend to be the damsel-in-distress, effectively setting Harry up by taking advantage of his saving-people thing. When she was finally caught and confronted, Ginny had the gall to whine about it and claim that she didn't know, which was a load of tripe since she knew what she was doing. Ginny was even more selfish when she voiced her concerns about being expelled rather than the safety of her peers and teachers. Ginny just went with the whole 'I was possessed' malarkey to avoid getting punished for her crimes. She was even shedding crocodile tears just to stir up sympathy despite being a spoiled brat (which meant that she wasn't genuinely sorry, she was only sorry to have been caught). She got away with it 'thanks' to her mother and Dumbledore sweeping it under the rug. Ginny even shrugged the whole fiasco off like it wasn't a big deal, making it even more clear that she intended for the whole thing to happen. It even made it clear that she wasn't possessed, since (for all we know) the horcrux could've taught Ginny how to speak in parseltongue and have her do the whole thing as soon as Ginny was at the school, and even writing back instructions or something on how to speak the language.

In the third book: Ginny blushing even more than usual whenever Harry was around made it pretty clear that 'being rescued' from the Chamber of Secrets intensified her crush on the Boy-Who-Lived (especially with her being under the dreamless-sleep spell the whole time). Ginny was even all giggly over her mother's story of brewing a love potion, making it clear that she has no qualms about drugging someone with love potions. She even sent Harry a singing get-well card after he was sent to the hospital wing because of the dementors during that quidditch match, which proved that Ginny continued seeing him as the Boy-Who-Lived (especially since Harry tried to muffle the singing coming from the card).

In the fourth book: Ginny also abandoned Harry when his name came out of the goblet of fire despite her claims to believe that he was innocent (but her actions said it all that she thought of Harry as a cheater and an attention seeker). Plus, her jealousy began showing up when she went from smiling to a neutral expression on her face when she found out that Harry asked Cho to the Yule Ball even though it didn't work out for him. The neutral expression was concealed jealousy, but Ginny kept her temper in check because she didn't want to see her hero upset in any way. She only went to the Yule Ball with Neville because her hero had to attend. Plus, Ginny ditched Neville to use Michael Corner as a means of making Harry jealous. Ginny's jealousy flared up again when she spotted the Delacour sisters giving Harry kisses on his cheek before they left with their school to return home.

In the fifth book: Ginny also proved that she didn't care about Harry's feelings and how he was dealing with PTSD because of watching Cedric getting murdered before his very eyes. When Harry voiced that in a loud-enough voice, all Ginny said was not to talk to her that way instead of being sympathetic. What was worse was that Ginny made it all about her when she brought up the Chamber of Secrets fiasco and how she was 'possessed,' despite that incident being her fault. She was also 'dating' Michael Corner to make Harry jealous and also only joined the organization that was ultimately called Dumbledore's Army (with it being her suggestion, and a rather stupid one because of the minister fearing Dumbledore) because she wanted her hero to notice her. Plus, bringing chocolate into the library and giving Harry some proved that she was a bad influence. Furthermore, she stole Cho's spot in joining Harry to accompany him to the Department of Mysteries fiasco, just because she was one of J.K. Rowling's self-inserts (her lesser one). Like Ron and Hermione, Ginny only tagged along as a way of sucking up to Harry, while Neville and Luna were genuinely concerned about Harry like a real friend should. Plus, Ginny was the one who coined that so-called nickname 'loony' for Luna and Harry uncharacteristically brushes it off, again proving how much the Weasley girl was a bad influence.

In the sixth book: Harry being head-over-heels for Ginny never made any sense. Plus, the part about Harry 'remembering' how Ginny was supposedly fun and supposedly realizing that she was a good person was either the horcrux messing with Harry's mind and/or a dream, but also one of those moments where J.K. Rowling was trying to shove her lesser self-insert down our throats as Harry's 'it girl.' Plus, Ginny broke up with Michael Corner and began 'dating' Dean Thomas in another attempt to make Harry jealous (with Ginny even kissing Dean on the lips whenever Harry was in the same room making her true intentions even more clear). That meant that Harry only 'wanted' Ginny because she was with Dean. Ginny joining in on taunting Fleur with Molly and Hermione also proved her to continue being a bad influence on Harry since he uncharacteristically laughed as if Ginny was being funny. Ginny's claim that Fleur was being rude about their home was pretty much done to draw up sympathy despite Ginny being a spoiled brat. Heck, Harry even uncharacteristically brushed off Ginny coining the nickname 'phlegm' for Fleur, and even brushed off Ginny mock-vomiting in her cereal when Fleur joined the family for breakfast. Furthermore, Ginny imitating Umbitch's signature fake cough should frightened people (Harry especially since he was the toad's favorite target), not make them laugh. Ginny also only got into the Slug Club because she and Zacharias arranged for it to give Ginny an excuse to see her hero there, implying that Ginny was dating Zacharias on the side while pretending to be a good girl for Dean. Ginny and Dean 'breaking up' was done because Harry had taken Felix Felicis moments earlier to get the memory from Professor Slughorn. Ginny's quidditch skills was also an ass pull, since she was J.K. Rowling's lesser self-insert. Ginny also expected her hero to plant that kiss on her lips. As mentioned above, Ginny's departing words for Harry before he left on the horcrux mission proved that she still saw him as the Boy-Who-Lived. Furthermore, when Harry told her they were breaking up, she wasn't emotional at all and just smiled without even putting up a fight in begging him to let her tag along.

In the seventh and final book: Ginny's jealousy flared up when she caught Gabrielle smiling at Harry and cleared her throat loudly and rudely to 'warn' Gabrielle not to even think about it. Harry even uncharacteristically told Viktor that Ginny already had 'some guy' after her to discourage him from making a move on her. During the time when Harry was on the horcrux hunt, Ginny wasn't very faithful to Harry. She would throw numerous tantrums to get out of punishment from the Carrows and even more than likely shagged numerous guys whenever she could. The Marauder's Map 'showing' Ginny in a positive light was also a combination of the horcrux in Harry's scar messing with his mind and another pathetic attempt for J.K. Rowling to shove her lesser self-insert down our throats. When Harry finally made it back to Hogwarts, Ginny wasn't even all enthusiastic to see him. All she really did was fiercely insist that Luna help Harry look for Ravenclaw's diadem despite Cho willingly volunteering (something which Ginny had no right to do). Rather than having her (and even Ron) die, J.K. Rowling decided to have Fred killed off. Heck, Ginny remained unscathed during the Battle of Hogwarts, which also proved that she was a coward, as she likely threw tantrums to get out of getting hurt in any way, shape or form. Plus, Ginny didn't even try to find Harry after the war was over. Furthermore, J.K. Rowling shoehorned the Hinny pairing in the crapilogue instead of pairing him with someone different. Not only that, but Ginny pretty much decided to spoil James Sirius and Lily Luna while treating Albus Severus like trash and keeping Harry doped up on Amortentia.

Ron and Hermione being friends with Harry: This was all ironic because Ron and Hermione (and Ginny, to a semi-lesser extent) were really spies for Dumbledore, with Hermione being the one to call the shots. Ron asking Harry if he could join in his compartment on their very-first day of Hogwarts by claiming that everywhere else was full, with Harry strangely allowing it (though he was unaware of the expansion charms and Ron being seen as an outcast because of his insensitivity and lack of decent table manners) was part of the setup. Plus, Ron turned out to be jealous of anyone doing better than him, and yet he wants everything handed to him on a silver platter. Wanting fame and wealth over a loving and caring family proved that Ron was very selfish and was even using Harry's fame as a way of sticking it to his brothers that he was 'better' than them. What Ron saw in the Mirror of Erised made it even more clear that he wanted everything handed to him on a silver platter (which later happened when he was named a prefect in the fifth book). Like Ginny, Ron didn't even lift a finger to help stop Lockhart from kidnapping Harry at the book signing, he just watched the whole thing in jealousy.

Hermione also turned out to be Dumbledore's spy so she could inform him of anything regarding Harry. Hermione was even a hard-core hypocrite since she always complains about other people breaking rules while doing that herself. When Draco and most of the Slytherin quidditch players showed off their Nimbus 2001 brooms, Hermione even stated that no one on the Gryffindor team bribed their way in and earned their positions on pure talent. Fast forward to the sixth book, when Hermione confunded Cormac McLaggen to miss blocking his final quaffle throw and secured Ron as the primary keeper (even though Cormac was somewhat arrogant, he didn't deserve that to happen). Hermione even accused Harry of cheating in the same book just because Harry was following a different set of instructions in making the draught of the living dead, and yet Hermione cheats quite often (such as using the time turner to take multiple classes at once, being offered private lessons to ensure that she gets the highest scores in every class, and confunding Cormac to missing his final block at quidditch tryouts). Hermione never cared about Harry's feelings, especially proven in the firebolt incident where she went behind Harry's back to report the firebolt to McGonagall. Whether Hermionr meant well or not remains questionable, but either way real friends don't go behind each others' backs like that. Hermione should've talked to Harry about her concerns first before going to McGonagall, but Hermione still treated Harry like a five-year-old who needed constant watching and had trust issues with him.

Hermione also proved to want control over everything like Molly Weasley, since Hermione bullied Harry into being the leader of the organization that was later named Dumbledore's Army. Worst still, Hermione deceived everybody who signed their names on the jinxed parchment because she failed to inform them of that (while she likely left herself, Harry, Ron, and Ginny out of the jinx). Which meant that Hermione especially was the real traitor to the organization due to having a hand in Marietta 'ratting' on the group due to being under intense pressure on her loyalties (especially with Umbridge more than likely having blackmailed Marietta and her mother somehow). Despite the jinx having the potential to be deadly if it were tampered with, Hermione got away with it since she was J.K. Rowling's most important self-insert. J.K. Rowling claiming that she loathed traitors was very hypocritical and ironic because Hermione, Ron, and Ginny were the real traitors for using Harry like a tool and using his fame to keep them safe from being scorned. Hermione even had no qualms about mind-raping someone, since she did that to her parents and never talked to them about leaving the country. Hermione was even an ungrateful bitch because of how many times she betrayed Harry (especially after he saved her life from that troll on Halloween in their first year). Hermione could've talked to her parents about rescuing Harry from Durzkaban, but she listened to Dumbledore (her idol) when he went on about his Albus-knows-best attitude.

Hermione was even a hero-worshipper of Gilderoy Lockhart just as much as Ginny was a hero-worshipper of the Boy-Who-Lived. Hermione had to have been the ultimate fangirl of Gilderoy Lockhart and got all of his books. Despite supposedly being the smartest witch of her generation, Hermione never picked up on the contradictions in Lockhart's books. She even made excuses for Lockhart leaving the 'golden trio' to deal with the pixies by claiming that he wanted to test them. Heck, Hermione would defend Lockhart if anyone tried to confront him for being a fraud, even if the books had too many contradictions. Heck, Hermione always defended the wrong people and never backed Harry up whenever someone antagonized him. She even expected Harry to apologize to Ron anytime the redhead abandoned Harry. Hermione even prevented Hedwig from returning to Harry (even on Dumbledore's orders, it was still wrong) whenever he wrote to her in the summer after the Triwizard Tournament begging for help, and Hermione could've used the royal post or could've called the Dursleys by telephone. Keeping Hedwig was a form of theft and made the excuse that Hedwig got injured and was recovering (not a very good, rehearsed story). Hermione also didn't provide Harry any comfort when Ron bailed out once again during the horcrux hunt, instead she just cried for Ron to come back.

Harry forgiving Ron so easily for betraying him after the first task of the Triwizard Tournament finished: That just proved how naive Harry can be sometimes. Ron never really apologized for abandoning Harry in his time of need, something real friends don't do. Ron just halfheartedly admitted that someone was out to kill Harry, which meant that deep down he still believed Harry to be an attention seeker. Ron should've known what kind of person Harry was, and yet still turned his back on Harry when the going got rough. Teenage hormones won't justify that, Ron allowed his jealousy to get in the way when he could've done the right thing in being there for Harry. For those reasons, Ron didn't deserve any forgiveness (much less get Harry's trust back) from Harry. Neville was a much better friend to Harry since he was one of a small handful of students who wholeheartedly believed Harry to be innocent. The moment Ron turned his back on Harry was when he lost his usefulness and should've been told to sod off.

The Weasleys (particularly Molly, Ron, and Ginny) being on the muggle side of King's Cross Station on the day of Harry's first-ever day at Hogwarts: It was pretty clear that Harry's first meeting with Molly, Ron, and Ginny was all a setup, especially with Molly finishing the rest of an unspecified sentence with "...packed with muggles." There was no logical explanation for a pure-blood family to be on the muggle side of the train station; and certainly no way that Molly, Ron, and Ginny were there on a coincidence. Molly checking her surroundings and asking for the platform number in a loud voice with Ginny quickly answering the question correctly made it even more clear that they were expecting Harry even though they were pretending to be oblivious about the whole thing to make sure that he didn't get suspicious. Even Ron befriending Harry was part of the setup when he asked to join him under the guise that everywhere else was full, especially since Ron (being a pure-blood wizard) should be familiar with interior-expansion charms.

Molly trying to bark orders in Sirius' home: This was very disrespectful, as Twelve Grimmauld Place wasn't Molly's house and she had no right to boss everyone (especially Sirius) around there as if she owned the place. She just wanted to control everything. If it was her house, then Molly could do the ordering. Sirius should've kicked Molly out for that, but J.K. Rowling didn't want that because Molly was 'a wonderful woman who wanted what was best for everyone.'

Hermione getting a time turner just to take extra classes: She should've known that awful things happen to those who mess with time, and yet she was given special permission to use one because she's the teacher's pet. Another moment where Hermione was shown to be a hypocrite and yet it was very easy to abuse the time turner. Plus, using the time turner to take extra classes was also very stressful and that should've been enough to eventually cause Hermione to die of a heart attack or something. The only 'reason' she didn't die was because she was J.K. Rowling's most important self-insert and the author considered Hermione the real hero of the series. Plus, the time turner allowed Hermione to cheat her way through her studies even easier.

Ron and Hermione receiving their prefect privileges undeservedly: Honestly, these two were some of the worst candidates to be prefects, since Ron had a terrible work ethic and gross table manners (and awful manners in general), while Hermione was a cheating hypocrite given that she complained about others breaking rules while doing it herself. Dumbledore claimed that Harry wasn't emotionally suitable to be a prefect because he had too much on his shoulders already, and yet Dumbledore was the one to continue piling all that on Harry's shoulders.

Snape being allowed to 'teach' children and abuse any non-Slytherin students: This was extreme unprofessional-like behavior, made worse that Snape was so spiteful that he ruined careers for many people because he would write half-ass instructions on a blackboard and expect everyone to know what it meant, while docking points unjustly if any were to ask for help or a clearer understanding. Snape's unjust docking of points from non-Slytherin students was the reason Slytherin won the house cup for six years in a row, thus making the house point system a total joke. Snape even assigns detention to the wrong people (mainly Harry and Neville) out of spite, making the Hogwarts disciplinary system a total joke. That behavior should've had him fired, but Dumbledore was too cowardly to do such a thing, defending Snape's actions by saying that sometimes you just have to deal with strict teachers. Harry's parents, particularly his mother, would've been furious with Snape for the way he treated their son. J.K. Rowling always said that Snape made a vow to Lily to protect Harry, which was a load of tripe because it was something the author tried shoving down our throats. If Snape really made a vow with Lily to keep Harry safe from harm, he wouldn't have abused Harry and would've gotten him away from the Dursleys at the soonest opportunity.

Harry's desire to be an auror: This is ironic because Harry despises being seen as the Boy-Who-Lived, and there was always going to someone in the ministry who wanted to use Harry's fame for their own agenda even if Kingsley de-corrupted the ministry. Harry would've wanted to have a simpler career and stay away from the wizarding media because they would've hounded Harry relentlessly.

Cho, Dean, and Fleur getting bashed unfairly for being genuinely good people while Ron, Hermione, and Ginny get praised for manipulating Harry while treating their peers like trash: This was the wrong message to send to young people. Cho always looked out for people and didn't want to see anyone getting hurt; Dean treated Ginny the way a gentleman should treat a lady but Ginny was being an ungrateful bitch to him; while Fleur may have looked somewhat arrogant on the outside, she did show her softer and more mature side when she tried to get back in the lake during the second task to rescue Gabrielle. Furthermore, Fleur was never malicious and that meant that she never wanted to harm anybody. Ginny only claimed that Fleur was being rude just to stir up sympathy and start up alot of drama. Cho, Dean, and Fleur don't deserve getting bashed; while Ron, Hermione and Ginny deserve as much hate as they tend to get for being bullies, manipulators, and hypocrites.

Molly claiming that Harry was as good as being her son: This was really creepy because Molly hardly spends any time around Harry, like four weeks every year or something like that. She even ignores the noticeable signs of child abuse coming from Harry and even ignored the Weasley twins' informing her of Harry's living conditions at the Dursleys. Like Ron, Hermione, and Ginny, Molly didn't lift a finger to get Harry away from Lockhart at the latter's book signing even when they watched the fraud practically kidnapping Harry. Like Hermione and Ginny, Molly also has no qualms about drugging someone with love potions. As shown in chapter five of the third book, Arthur and Harry both witnessed Molly telling the story of brewing up a love potion and that's an automatic red flag since it pretty much meant that Molly had been keeping Arthur doped up on love potions. Plus, when Molly finished the story, she, Ginny, and Hermione were rather giggly over it. That meant that Hermione and Ginny also have zero qualms about doing the same if they could.

Harry trusting Dumbledore and McGonagall: Honestly, how could Harry continue to do this especially after how they've been giving him the cold shoulder pretty much since the first time he walked through the doors? Dumbledore was using Harry as a pawn for the Greater Good against Harry's will, while McGonagall always dismissed Harry's suspicions about danger and when it was proven she never apologized for that and continued treating Harry like trash. When Hermione, the hypocritical howling banshee and teacher's pet, informed McGonagall of something, the deputy head took action. Heck, Hermione could even tell the deputy head a bold-face lie and McGonagall would take action.

Furthermore, Dumbledore may very well have confunded Sirius to go after Peter instead of being the responsible godfather, just to do whatever it took to make sure his Greater Good plans succeed. The ole coot even abused his power as Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot to self-appoint himself as Harry's magical guardian so he could confund Hagrid to bring Harry to the Dursleys against the wishes of Lily and James. Made worse by the fact that Dumbledore never checked on Harry nor did he force the Dursleys to raise Harry right. Dumbledore didn't even fire Snape for his abusive treatment towards many non-Slytherin students and his dangerous teaching methods, instead he dismissed the greasy git's actions as 'strict' and defending that with the whole 'sometimes you just have to deal with strict teachers' lesson. Lily in particular would've ripped Dumbledore and McGonagall a new one in the afterlife for the way they treated Harry.

Plus, the ole coot claimed to have cast blood protection charms to supposedly keep Harry safe (even though the Dursleys were abusive and neglectful towards their nephew) near the end of the fifth book. This was more of a plot hole than an ass pull because Dumbledore was never shown casting such charms in the first place. He just left the fifteen-month-old Harry on the Dursleys' doorstep with only a letter tucked in the blankets instead of asking them if they wanted to look after Harry. Then Dumbledore just said 'Good luck, Harry Potter,' before leaving (and being the last one to leave Privet Drive) without so much as casting a spell despite the dangers of Harry being kidnapped (again), freezing to death, or even snatched by an animal. As if arranging the kidnapping (and secretly confunding Sirius and possibly Hagrid) wasn't bad enough, placing Harry on the Dursleys' doorstep in the dead of a cold night was Dumbledore's moment of crossing the moral event horizon.

Snape making a vow to Lily to keep her son safe: This was another thing J.K. Rowling tried shoving down our throats despite it being a bunch of malarkey. If Snape really made that vow, he would've rescued Harry from the Dursleys and actually teach him to do magic properly. Snape also tossed Lily aside to hang out with the Slytherin students who would eventually join the death eaters. Lily would've ripped the greasy git a new one in the afterlife for treating Harry like trash out of spite.

Colin Creevey being dubbed as the ultimate fanboy of the Boy-Who-Lived: There's no way that this is true! Colin was a muggle-born and thus, he shouldn't have any knowledge of the BWL stories. J.K. Rowling did that to cover up the fact that Ron was the true ultimate fanboy of that very fictional character. Why else would Ron ask Harry if he had the scar on the day they met?

Petunia being neglected by her parents while they favored Lily for being a witch: This also doesn't make any sense because Petunia was already shown to be a notorious gossiper, especially when she and Vernon tarnished the Potters' reputation throughout Little Whinging. The Dursleys were willing to keep their reputation very high and go to great lengths to ensure it. Furthermore, Petunia was the one who pushed Lily away (not the other way around).

Cursed Child being declared canon: No, just no! There's no way that the Cursed Child is truly canon because it contradicts the novels too many times. There's also too much OOC behavior such as Voldemort making love to Bellatrix to conceive an heiress named Delphini. There's no way Bellatrix was pregnant during the second wizarding war and Voldemort was always looking for ways to stay immortal, so an heiress would naturally be unnecessary. Another contradiction is Cedric's face-heel turn over a simple case of humiliation, which was definitely out of character for him. The Cursed Child was also a screenplay that wasn't meant to be read by the public. It was only declared canon just so the author could make a fast buck despite having no involvement in writing it.

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