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The Required Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Star Trek: The Next Generation, CSI, or CSI: Miami. They all belong to their respective creators, and I'm merely borrowing them for my own twisted desires. All rights reserved

04/02/2007 -- Been a long time since I updated the profile. Quite a bit has happened. Mainly being attacked by a whole stampeding herd of rampaging plot bunnies that required several people to wrangle. Those people are affectionately known as 'Crackbunny Syndrome', and the project is "Balance of Power" (which you can find on Live Journal under the usernames of 'c_b_s', 'c_b_syndrome', and 'cbs_crackfic'). Eventually we'll get around to getting it posted here. As of now, only two chapters are up at FF, but there are 22 total, and they're all on LiveJournal. Go! Read! Comment!

At this time, the completion of "Once More With Pirates" has been placed on the back burner --mainly until I fix some problems with the story that requires me to go aaaaalllllllll the way back to the very beginning, with "Gotta Knock a Little Harder" (see what happens when you write by the seat of your pants?). So GKaLH is under revision, and when I finish THAT, I'll update the entire story at once, rather than a chapter at a time, thus causing massive amounts of confusion... since... well... I'm -revising- it, and making some major changes. THEN I can revise what I have of OMWP, and maybe... MAYBE... be able to get it finished.

While all this is going on, I'm also writing a Fullmetal Alchemist/CSI:/CSI: Miami crossover... be afraid. It'll be pretty CSI-heavy through most of it... mainly because it's fun to mess with such logical minds with things-that-should-not-happen. The Fullmetal Alchemist part of the story is going to be A/U. There is no time-travel, no inter-dimensional Gate-Hopping. It's a 'what if'. What if the people from FMA lived in this world and the Alchemists still had their 'talents'? The challenge is in explaining it all in a plausible manner.

I love a good challenge!

I do want to say thank you to everyone who's been following these stories. Your feedback means alot to me, and gives me a nice, warm skwishie feeling inside. And if I haven't commented on any of your stories (those of you who write them), it doesn't mean I haven't been reading them, because I have. I promise to comment when I finish, though. And to X-Over...thank you for inviting me here. I greatly appreciate the warm welcome I've received.
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