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It's easy to put people in boxes.

There's us...and there's them.

The higherness...and those just getting by.

Those we trust...and those we try to avoid.

There's the new citizens...and those who've always been here.

The people from the country side...and those who've never seen a cow.

The religious...and the self confident.

There are those we share something with…

And those we don't share anything with.

And then suddenly there's US.

We who believe in life after death.

We who have seen UFOs.

And all of us who love to dance.

We who've been bullied...and we who've bullied others.

We who are broken-hearted.

We who are madly in love.

We who feel lonely.

We who are bisexual.

And we who acknowledge the courage of others.

We who have found the meaning of life.

And we who have saved lives.

So maybe there's more that brings us together than we think.


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