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Red: passionate, fiery, loud, stubborn, opinionated, headstrong, determined, hot-head, in-your-face.

Random Fact #243: Just like you never tell an avid sports fan "it's just a game", never ever tell me as an avid reader "it's just make-believe". I will shoot you.

Current fandom fixes are Harry Potter, Baccano! and BLEACH.

Current fic fixes are non-slashy Fred and George with bonus points for clever re-Fredding, Fred and Hermione, general Baccano! shenanigans and hilarity that can be traced to either alchemists or shinigami.


Anything in bold I ship like no other.

One Piece: Zoro x Nami, Luffy x Vivi, Usopp x Kaya, Shanks x Makino, Sanji/Franky x Robin, Smoker x Hina/Tashigi, Waipa x Laki

NANA: Ren x Nana, Nobu x Hachi, Shin x Reira

NCIS: Tony x Ziva, McGee x Abby

BLEACH: Ichigo x Rukia, Toshiro x Karin, Gin/Kenpachi x Matsumoto, Uryuu x Inoue/Nemu, Jinta x Yuzu, Urahara x Yoruichi, Shunsui x Nanao, Renji x Tatsuki, Shinji x Hiyori, Kensei x Mashiro, Wonderweiss x Yachiru (crack!)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Zuko x Katara, Aang x Toph, Sokka x Suki

Baccano!: Firo x Ennis, Claire x Chane, Jacuzzi x Nice, Luck x Eve, Isaac x Miria

FullMetal Alchemist: Roy x Riza, Ed x Winry, Al x May

Harry Potter: Harry/Neville x Ginny, Ron x Luna, Fred/Draco/Seamus x Hermione, Remus x Tonks, James x Lily, George x Alicia/Katie, Lee x Angelina, Scorpius x Rose, Oliver x Quidditch

Gokinjo Monogatari: Tsutomu x Mikako, Takeshi x Risa, Yuusuke x Ayumi

Kagen no Tsuki: Tetsu x Hotaru, Adam x Sayaka

Ouran High School Host Club: Hikaru/Mori x Haruhi

Digimon: Taichi x Sora, Takeru x Hikari, Ryo x Ruki

Final Fantasy (all): Cloud x Tifa, Tidus x Yuna, Gippal x Rikku, Squall x Rinoa, Wakka x Lulu, Vincent x Yuffie, Denzel x Marlene

Concerning the Harry Potter series, I consider Fox Ears, The Worthy King and Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness canon. Brilliant and extremely well-thought out.

I also cannot emphasise exactly how much I love the Weasley twins (as well as their actors Oliver and James Phelps). Whilst I am grateful to JKR for creating them and a world so richly imaginative, I'm pretty sure I can never forgive her for what she did to them.

Also got another webby: done in conjunction with my awesome friend Dot that consists of drabble challenges.

"Even after all this time,

the sun never says to the earth, 'you owe me.'

Look what happens with a love like that,

it lights the whole sky."


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