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First off, I am not a writer, and probably will not post a single story on this site. But, I have been reading stories and novels for over XX years, let'sjust say awhile. I have always been a kid at heart, and thus a manga and anime, and now fanfiction fan, for about 15-16 years give or take a year or so. Prior to that I read almost exclusively hard sci-fi novels from greats such as Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, Alastair Reynolds, Stephen Baxter and the Master, H.G. Wells.

Due to major health issues, I have lots of time to read. Because of my love of manga and anime, this led me to fanfiction and this website and others. I really enjoy these stories by new and accomplished fanfiction writers trying to hone there craft. Like everybody I have my likes and dislikes.

I Dislike: We. (I live in the USA) seem to be only able to rehash shows with tons of cruddy sequels and superheroes, the bane of so-called animation, though I personally don't think they qualify as real animation. They have worn out, idiotic storylines and writers can't even seem to come up with any new ideas. We in the USA have zero creativity. How many Ironman movies can you make? How many movies which just group different superheroes together can you make before real movie watchers drive stakes into their eyes. Now, I liked Frozen V1, but V2 had a boring storyline and was only somewhat saved by special effects (actually Nokk is the only cool part of that movie and one song), the only reason to see anything out of Hollywood these days. But Asian writers have their issues to some degree. The biggest issue I have with anime and manga is martyrdom, innocence and respect.. Many stories have characters who sacrifice their own happiness, principles, etc. for someone else for no apparent good reason other than the wishes of family members, culture, friends, any number of things. Though some stories need these concepts to drive the main plot line, too often you see women agree to marry people they do not love to make their parents or relatives, or Directors, happy. The biggest load of bullocks you will ever sacrifice yourself for. They get everything, you get nothing. Anyone who would ask or require that of their child makes me sick and is tantamount to child abuse. Too often this is made normal in manga and anime and this needs to begin to change. Children are not possessions, they are their own person, capable of living their own lives. Innocence where there is always shown to be good people in everyone is unrealistic and opens people up to be taken advantage of. There are bad people in the world just like there are good people. Respect is always earned, not demanded whether it be your employer or your family members. Would you respect an employer who constantly sexually harasses you? Of course not! You file a complaint with the authorities. Now when you are a minor child, you have a "conditional respect" for your parents and family members. Parents are charged with your care until you are an adult and leave their home and as long as there is no mistreatment, then some respect is due. But, in the case of family members who mistreat their children, either by failing to provide their living needs, hitting or sexually assaulting them, then of course NO RESPECT IS DUE and authorities should be alerted immediately before lasting damages result. These are all areas in which all animation in all countries should be addressing more and as a child abuse survivor, I am happy to see a few more stories with these themes being posted here. Okay, enough negativity...

I Dislike: Most Isekai and Harem anime. Storylines thought up by chimps and almost all of them are identical to every other one. They tend to be sexist and very unbelievable to any thinking mind. But what you say about fanfiction?

I Dislike: Critics who are too damn worried about people's use of proper English spelling and grammar. English is not everybody's first language and I would rather see them work first on story structure, storylines, plots, etc. before english spelling and grammar. I have yet to read a story in rough english that I couldn't follow. And I personally believe writers and artists from Asian countries are leagues ahead of the english speaking countries in anime and manga anyway, so us english speakers have no room to talk. Look at the best anime to come from the USA...RWBY and who's baby was it?...Monty Oum (RIP dude, you are missed), from asian descent and you can see the quality of the storyline has gone down quite a bit since his passing. Summaries that don't correctly explain the story, which don't have appropriate warnings and/or trigger warnings. I also hate sex scenes that are identical to 95% of other sex scenes. Most sex scenes seem to be written by sadistic, hormone overloading male teenagers with massive blue balls. Get some actual experience people! Other than this, I like many stories here by many different writers. Just check out my favorite stories and authors, they comprise a large list.

REVIEWS: If I review a story, I review from the aspect of a reader. I try to be honest and I try to explain the reasons for my comments. There are times when I have had a bad day or I start reading a story that makes no sense at all or which should have warnings which do not appear in the summary. Though there is no rule that says you must have warnings if certain behavior such physically or emotionally abusive acts, rape, torture, non-consensual sex (its rape), bdsm and so on, I feel appropriate warnings should be in all these stories that the author in no way condone such criminal acts or something to that effect as young kids can access this website. Many writers do have warnings which is great, but I see many who do not. I don't believe in censorship, but rather responsibility. And if I wish to review a story, I don't care if it's new or old. Someone may see a review I do of an old story by another author and it may help them when writing a new story. I do not tend to write reviews on very many older stories though as a habit as most things have already been said.

OKAY, FOR FUN STUFF! I am a huge yuri fan! I think most yuri writers' stories have much more depth to them than hetero writers. Too many hetero writers stories are pretty much the same boring guy is dumb, or somehow lacking, but by the end he saves the girl or girls and is the hero because even though the woman/women were more than capable of doing things on their own, by the end they are hanging on the guy cause only he can make things right and the girl or harem are drooling all over him and just can'tdo a thing without him doing it for them. Geezer, that is so worn out. Thankfully anime is changing and yuri I think has caused part of this change.

Favorite Yuri Pairings: Chikane x Himeko (KnM), Nanoha x Fate (MGLN), Shizuru x Natsuki Mai x Mikoto Haruka x Yukino (Mai Hime), Neviril x Aeru (Simoun), Hotaru x Komari (Non Non Biyori, Mireille x Kirika (Noir), Mariko x Akiko (Girl Friends), Any pairing by mangaka Morinaga Milk, Mew x Donut (Lily Love), Ice x Ploy (Lily Love 2), Mel x Lynn (Pulse), Kase-San x Yamada (Kase-San & ...), WhiteRose, Bumblebee (RWBY), Sister Meg x Angela (Tetragrammaton Labyrinth), Fumi x Akira (Aoi Hana), Touko x Yuu (Yagate Kimi ni Naru), Moritani x Murakami (Fragtime), Utena x Anthy (RGU), Sumika x Ushio (Whispered Words), Homura x Madoka (PMMM), Kanade x Yukino (Candy Boy), more to come...

Favorite Hetero Pairings: Shota x Sawako (Kimi ni Todoke), Mina x Akira (Dance in Vampire Bund), Soushi x Ririchiyo (InuXBoku SS), Mei x Yamato (Say "I love you."), Takeo x Rinko (MY love STORY!!), Nagisa x Tomoya, Tomoyo x Tomoya (Clannad), Renji x Chihiro, Yu x Yuko (ef a tale of memories & melodies), Tada x Kaga (Golden Time), Hakuya x Kobeni (Engaged to the Unidentified), more to come...

Favorite Japanese singers: Mizuki Nana, Elisa, Radwimps

FAVORITE AUTHORS & STORIES: I list these for really my own purpose. There are many stories I read again and again. I can't always remember the names so I keep these list. Anyone can use them, but they aren't meant to be my only recommended stories, just ones I want to read multiple times.

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