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Yo yo yo this is Serpro. My bro just joined but both me and him love the site. I handle his profile. Here's what he is like.

He's16. Loves video games, movies, and tv shows. All his life he's wanted to write his own unique stories. And as soon ashe can post them you'll all be reading some hot hot HOT stories. In the real world he's just like you but in his world and cyber world he could be anything. He seriously dislikes gore, cussing, and sexuality. So his stories completely avoid that junk. Although a little religion may creep into his stories but not much. Nothing that renounces or praises religion. Mostly names for the evil dudes is all.

Hi this is Stryke Slagar formerly known as Serpro15. I am the Admin of the Buddyfight World: RPG forum.

If you wish to contact me about joining the sight. Please use this address and include your UserID #. Please adhere to our simple rules and regulations and have fun.


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