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so hi everyone I'm a huge fan of reading so I'm trying my luck in writing why not nothing is impossible and I believe everyone have a writer a musician and poet inside them OK maybe except a poet but I'm sure you understood what I mean

  • my fav books for now mortal instruments and divergent I won't mind others like hunger games or hush hush or pj or HP

  • fav TV show once upon a time forever

  • I'm looking for a beta for anyone interested cause I suck in grammar

  • updating for now:

  • read city of bones

    our new future

    1. I have another story of divergent I'm writing it its in the way because I don't want to come to the point that I have no chapters and lose interest in writing

    2. also three stories in mind about once upon a time

    3. I have a fav playlist I'll update it soon

    4. if anyone want to have a new friend I'm available just pm me

    muah with lots of love your dear teenage boring girl laila but no one dare call me that call me lily

    #emki laila

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