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Youkai Meimi
Joined Sep '05

Name: Youkai Meimi (do you really think I'll tell you my real name?)

Age: 1000+

Appearence: Hmm. I have long strawberry blond hair, green eyes, pale skin, dog ears on my head with fangs and claws (HA!) I have two purple stripes on each cheek and for my clothes? Well... - I wear a kimono that opens at the shoulders and connects to the sleeve with two pieces that attach from the shoulder, they cross like a X. The kimono stops at my waist and comes down like a regular shirt with strings on each side, bunching the sides together. I have a pair of tight black jeans that have tears on the knee's, and thighs. The jeans are straight leg. I have a pair of boots that are like hiking boots, but with a piece of metel on the front, with material coming from around the top. This shirt is Light purple, with blue strings/ lining.

I also have a sword on my back, sheath is black and black gloves with silver gaulents on my wrist.

Race: Half Demon (Dog/Wolf), Half Goddess.

Yo this is my profile in case you didn't catch on. Kust to tell you I have many names. Meimi Chan, Kizuna no Unmei, and Sakura.Kaze01.

Favorite Characters:

1.) Kratos Aurion

2.) Sesshoumaru

3.) Ranma

5.)Inu no Taisho

Favorite Manga:

1.) Tales of Symphonia

2.) Inuyasha

3.) Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne

4.) Naruto

5.) Yu Yu Hakusho

My favorite Character in my stories?

Kaze, and Huo (my twins!)

Li Kenshin (new story)

Kyle Aurion (XP)

Ashton Taylor and Vincent!!!

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