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Forever Rahhel PM
Joined Sep '05

Nickname: Ra/Rahhel

Sex: male

Nationality: German

Favorite game: Final Fantasy 6

Favourite Animes: Evangelion, Naruto, Hellsing, Bleach

Favourite sins: Sloth and Gluttony

I was formerly kown as Rahhel here, but changed my name due to a funny situation on a forum.

I still have Rahhel as my screen name on youtube and DeviantArt though.

Deviant art account

My youtube account

Favourite pairings:

NarutoxFemHaku (Haku just can't be a guy)

NarutoxIno (You can never have enough blonds)

NarutoxTayuya (Redheads are just irresistable)

NarutoxMikoto (that's right Sasuke's mom Kukukukuku)

NarutoxRin (Dunno how that happend)

NarutoxFemKyuubi (I bet she has a lot of experience drools)

NarutoxYugito (two Jinchuuriki what should I say)

NarutoxHana (the fox and the dog heh)

NarutoxTsunade (I don't know, if the circumstances are right it could work)

NarutoxFiller girls (they have potential as characters)


ShinjixAsuka (They are just meant to be)

I have opened a C2 communtity for Naruto. It's called "The real Naruto uncensored"

This has all my favourite pairings in it, but there are few NarutoxHinata in them, but they are either minor or can be skipped during the read.

Good news everyone. I opened an "Anti Naruto/Hinata and Naruto/Sakura" forum.

Here is the adress:

and a fitting C2:

I have a hard time staying serious that's why most of my stories are humor fics.

At least they have a plot...kinda.

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