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Hello, my name is moonymaniac and I'm a Harry Potter addict. More specifically, a Marauders addict. I adore Remus Lupin as you should be able to infer from my name. I am not crazy about the Lupin/Tonks ship, but as JKR owns him and not me, I guess I'll have to live with it. However, thanks to the wonderful world of fan fiction, I don't have to live with just it.

Update: 12 May 2013-still plugging along on Moments of Bliss. Gah, how many years has it been?

Check out my fantastic story banner, made by the wonderful Kitkat2010 over at Mugglenet. http:///albums/c65/moonymaniac/banner-02-07blue.png I just love it!

UPDATE MAY 6, 2008: I made this banner for my newest story, The Only Thing. http:///albums/c65/moonymaniac/Theonlythingcolor.png The story is about James and Harry with a tiny bit of Lily included. I'd love you to read it and let me know your thoughts. :)

I have a post that defends my position on Ladies' Man Sirius. I am going to copy it here for any who might disagree with me. ;)

Personally, I am of the opinion that, while there isn’t really evidence proving that Sirius was a player, there are hints that he definitely could have been (at least something of one). All the evidence suggests (to me, anyway) that it is highly probable that Sirius did quite well with the ladies. Here are my reasons for thinking this:

He is described, more than once, as having been very good-looking. He was also clearly popular. Remus states that everyone thought he (Sirius) and James were the “height of cool”.

JKR has also said this about him on her website:

I shook hands with a woman who leaned forward and whispered conspiratorially, ‘Sirius Black is sexy, right?’ And yes, of course she was right, as the Immeritus Club know. The best looking, most rebellious, most dangerous of the four marauders…

This canon information would lead me to believe that there would be loads of girls vying for his attentions. (fans self just thinking of him) I think having Harry notice the girl ‘eyeing him hopefully’ during O.W.L.s definitely suggested this.

Now, from my real life observations, I’d have to conclude that there are very few young men in Sirius’ position who would not enjoy these circumstances. He was a teenaged boy, and there is a good chance his hormones were at least partially raging. I can see him definitely taking advantage of his advantages. With his obvious arrogance thrown in, he seems very like the typical BMOC (big man on campus) personality that I’m sure we’ve all known at some point. While there are always exceptions, it has been my experience that these boys generally seemed to be either in a relationship, typically with one of the popular girls, or they dated around—a lot, but they didn’t have to work at it. There were always girls wanting to date them.

I think that was Sirius. I think he was very nonchalant about girls because he could be. Whereas James was desperate to date a girl who seemingly wanted nothing to do with him, thus his antics for Lily in SWM, Sirius was probably so used to girls coming on to him, it was no big deal. (It was James showing off, not Sirius. Sirius was just staring around looking haughty and bored, but handsomely so. ;) )

I would also like to comment on the girl eyeing him hopefully and him not noticing it. This really doesn’t suggest to me that Sirius was uninterested in girls. She was sitting behind him. Why would he notice? DH SPOILER: He was obviously interested in girls enough to have posters of them on his walls at home and I don’t think he did it just to irritate his parents. I think he permanently attached them to irritate his parents, but he probably discovered they didn’t like it after having them up and his mum going nuts. End DH SPOILER.

Personally, I’m inclined to rule out the idea that Sirius became a romantic soul with a long time steady girlfriend simply based on the other things we see of his personality, unless he really changed a lot after O.W.L.s. He is so restless and self absorbed. (Believe it or not, I love him, so no rotten fruit please.) I don’t mean to suggest that he was incapable of respecting and having feelings (other than lust) for a girl, but I don’t think he was fully capable of, or that he would have even wanted to have the kind of commitment a lasting relationship would entail, at that point in his life. I don’t think Sirius changed nearly as much as James did. I get this impression from the way he discusses the prank he played on Snape when Remus talks of it in the Shrieking shack all those years later. Sirius doesn’t seem to feel any remorse over his actions at all. He still seems reckless and a bit self absorbed. (shrugs) JKR said, he never really had the chance to grow up. :'(

Now, all that being said, I don’t think Sirius was pulling a different girl every weekend. I agree with Kehribar that he was a complex person and one should definitely NOT show him thinking of nothing but girls. I think he did have many other things on his mind (in addition to hormone induced interest in girls, not instead of it.;) ) But I can’t imagine he didn’t have a fair few flings, considering how totally hot/fit he obviously was! LOL

Anyway, those are some of my personal opinions on Sirius. Oh, I also don’t see him as the goofy class clown who is always cutting up, that sometimes shows up in fics. I do think Sirius would have joked, but his humor would have been much cooler and/or darker than silly/goofy, imo. He was the height of cool!

(loves Sirius, even if he was an arrogant berk with a rather nasty streak, at times) /defense of position I take on Ladies' Man Sirius

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