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*. a huffle needs her fluff! .*

~heyo, i dont really write fanfictions.. i mean, i'd love to, but im just really bad at writing. thats why i really love reading other people's work, because its probably the best thing i've ever read lol. sometimes i might leave reviews asking the person to update, or that i really love it, which is true!~

Fandoms im in:

Percy Jackson the Olympians Heroes of Olympus (Blood of Olympus is my favorite book!) Miraculous Ladybug Camp Camp Detroit: Become Human Welcome to Hell (the animation on youtube)

(I may add more later)

i also might jump around fandoms a lot. sometimes i obsess over a fandom for a week and then leave it as quickly as i came.

i love reading fanfics that have fluff in them! i cant really handle anything that has any character death, i might start crying lol

Ships that i love (not in order):

Solangelo (HoO) Reynico (HoO) Percico (PJO, HoO) Makki (Camp Camp) David and Gwen (Camp Camp) Neil and Harrison (Camp Camp) Subayume (Aikatsu Stars! [i dont really watch the anime anymore, but i still ship those two]) Sockathan (W2H)

Accounts that I use:

Wattpad: FloofyUniicorn

Archive of Our Own:

thats all for now! cya!~

I. MADE THIS ACCOUNT IN LIKE 2017. i last updated this shit on 11/25/18 and here i am now on 2/23/24. wtf this is like an actual ancient artifact.
im incredibly embarrassed by everything i did as a kid but im gonna leave this up still :p its history now.

hello there if you used to know me or if you stumbled onto my profile by accident. just know there is a greatly mortified person currently writing this.

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