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Hello everyone, tis I The Wild Umbreon, and I want to tell you more about myself in my profile.

Who Am I?

Name: Josh

Age: 16

Height: Short.

Hobbies: Coding, Guitar, Writing fanfiction, ect.

Likes: Anime, Video Games, Books, Movies, Conventions, Fanfiction, Music.

Dislikes: People, Contest shipping, The Unova region, Contest shipping, I think you get the idea... contest shipping...

Here's some info, I will allow voting for certain things, and might take some story suggestions if I like them, remember them, and have enough time to write them. Also, remember, you can write your own stories, just don't steal other people's. My plan for stories is to start with a Pokemon one where they are in high school, though there's more to it than that, then I want to write another Pokemon story with Ash as an aura user, but it won't be too important to the story(at least in the beginning, idk about later on). I don't have a great ability for spelling things, so there you have it.

I also have some goals:

Kill a main character ()

Get ten followers on a story ()

Get twenty followers on a story ()

Write a story ()

Write more than ten chapters on a story ()

Be able to feel that I have grown as a writer since starting my first story ()

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