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Hey there. I’m a teenager who really likes to read fanfiction. I like reading them a lot. That’s primarily the reason why I have an account – so I can keep up with all the fanfics I like to read.

‘Course, that’s not all I like to do! There are a multitude of other things I like to do in my spare time: spriting, making sprite comics, and playing video games. For that matter, the Nintendo Switch is like one of the most amazing consoles I’ve ever had the pleasure of having. No contest.

I have a few favorite fandoms, too. When it comes to writing fanfiction, you’ll generally see me writing the most for Kirby, Persona, and Danganronpa, though I’m not remiss to branching out every now and again. I also hold interests in Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, Kingdom Hearts, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and several other properties (the likes of which you can generally find under my favorites).

My upload schedule can be pretty wonky, in part due to my finicky motivation, in part thanks to my attending college as of August 2020. My current main projects are Star Allies, Unite! and Harmony Never Really Dies, though I’m not opposed to uploading one-shots and other fics in-between big updates to the former. And just a head’s up: I do like my fair share of TG/transgender content, so don’t be too surprised if those pop up on my account, too.

In addition, I like to do rapid-fire edits. All the time. Tell me ‘bout a problem or a typo, and I’ll probably get it fixed in record time. So, uh… don’t be surprised if, sometimes, my fics look a bit different from the last time you read them.

I have an account over on DeviantART under the username of FieryExplosion, so check me out there. I also publish fics on Archive of Our Own under FierySprites too. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy all that I have to offer!


Star Allies, Unite! – Chapter 6: Best Friends Forever


Grit Your Teeth and Go (Redux) – Chapter 1: Artful Adventurers on a New Quest

Grit Your Teeth and Go (Redux) – Chapter 2: Their Ultimate Choice, Our True Arena

Harmony Never Really Dies – Chapter 11: A Common Thought With Closed Eyes

void exists in all dimensions – Chapter 3: reunions are the most curious of things

All According to Plan – Chapter 1: Stagnation At Its Finest

A Goddess’s Arena – Chapter 1: Invisibly Divisible Battlefields (Redux)

Class 78’s Face-Off Hope Romp – Chapter 8: Free Time Events, Minus the Free Time

If Only for a Moment… – A Makoto to Chiaki/Hajime to Sayaka TF/TG

Rewind for the Aeons – A Yosuke Hanamura to Marie TF/TG

Make a Friend series (Kirby):

“There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of good friends!”

On Planet Pop Star, impossible miracles are regularly born and evil bad guys routinely invade. But to Kirby, that doesn’t matter. So long as he’s happy and he’s got his friends by his side, everything will be alright. (Because who says the Power of Friendship can’t save the day?)

A series of Kirby fics set in the same universe, starring Kirby, his many allies, and their bonds across a wide assortment of adventures. A sassy Kirby and a friendly Dedede take center stage, alongside Adeleine, Ribbon, and a whole host of friends from a multiverse encompassing the Gamble Galaxy and beyond.

This series chronologically consists of:

Prequel Era Fics:
- The First Rival
- As the Spring Breeze Blows
- Flying into the Fray
- All According to Plan
- Intro to Painting
- United by the Crystal Shards
- Two Trouble Kings
- A Knightly Greeting
- One Last Time, I’ll Fight
- The First Signs of Forgiveness
- Eyes in the Skies
- In Times of Crisis
- Remnants of a Virtual Nightmare
- Regret for a Dream
- Printing Practice

Star Allies-centric Fics:
- An Artist, a Thief, and… a Villain?
- Sisters Out of Their Element
- I’m Not Entirely Okay, But I’ll Get There
- Helper to Ally
- We’re All Friends Here
- A Void in the Dark
- Grit Your Teeth and Go
- If I Can Go On (and Not Lose My Way)

Friendship Saga Fics:
- From a Mirror, I Call Your Name
- Harmony Never Really Dies
- Are You a Friend, Too?
- Star Allies, Unite!
- Smile for the Sake of Everyone
- Those I Want to Protect
- Twinkle, Twinkle
- Cast a Light Above the Stars
- Of Magic, Matter, and Miracles
- Kirby: Harmonic Resonance

Italics denote fics yet to be written, but are still important to this ‘verse.

The Kirby franchise is one of my favorite fandoms, and there’s a lot of untapped writing potential based on the material HAL Laboratory have given us. Originally, this was a relatively self-contained set of fics, but before I knew it, it blossomed into this massive world – and I couldn’t be any more prouder of it.

This series, while primarily focusing on the sixteen main Star Allies, does feature plenty of settings and characters from other franchises: Danganronpa, Super Mario Bros., the list goes on. What can I say, I like writing crossovers – and besides, everything mixes well with Kirby. Everything.

C’mon, you can’t disagree with me.

This is my main fanfic ‘verse, and as such, I typically take priority writing for this series more than I do any of my others. Star Allies, Unite! and Harmony Never Really Dies are the current mainline projects for this series. Are You a Friend, Too? is on temporary hiatus until completion of both.

A Goddess in Reality series (Persona):

The misadventures of Mariko Kusumi (formerly Minato Arisato) and Elizabeth as they venture throughout the world giving everybody within range a massive freaking headache.

The recommended reading order for this series is:

- A Goddess in Reality (1/1)
- A Goddess’s Arena (1/3)
- A Goddess Living Life (0/4)
- bear this torch against the cold of the night
- Shine a Light on Royalty

A Goddess’s Arena is the primary ongoing fic in this series. Updates will occur irregularly from my usual schedule.

This series is undergoing a massive overhaul; the numbers in parentheses represent which chapters have been rewritten to match the new canon.

Hope’s Peak Academy Crossover Chronicles (Danganronpa):

Hope’s Peak Academy is famous for two things (in our world, anyway): A) for being the bastion of talent and hope, and B) for being one of the wackiest places this side of anime. And with all the shenanigans that Class 78 (and their sister classes) get up to… well, it’s no wonder the academy deserves such a reputation, huh?

A non-Despair Hope’s Peak Saga AU, featuring Class 78 and Class 77-B in a bunch of the crackiest crossovers around. Tragedy? What Tragedy?

Stories are listed in rough chronological order.

Main Stories:
- Class 78’s Face-Off Hope Romp
- Class 78’s Cruise Liner Hope Party
- Class 78’s Hopefully Heartening Halls
- Some Things, We’ll Save Ourselves
- All the Same Paths…
- …Lead to a Different Outcome
- Class 78’s Time-Droppin’ Hope Finale

Side Stories:
- Regrow Factor
- Class 77’s Ultimate Hope Steak-Off
- Cards Down
- [TBA]

Class 78’s Face-Off Hope Romp is the primary ongoing fic in this series. Currently on hiatus until the completion of other major fics.

Tales of Sora’s Heart Squad (Kingdom Hearts):

A collection of tales involving Sora and his ragtag Heart Squad—Roxas, Xion, Ventus, Vanitas, and Strelitzia—from various points during the Dark Seeker Saga.

This series chronologically consists of:

- Another Side, Another Friend
- i found myself crying by your grave
- angels in flight

This series will sporadically update whenever I find the inspiration.

Cover Art Credits

A Universal Contrast: segami daisuke
A Goddess in Reality series: aoyashio rin
A Void in the Dark: @shiburingaru321
Gift of a False Face: hairu
Harmony Never Really Dies: yumaru (marumarumaru)
Adorable Little Buddies: shiryus17
One Last Time, I’ll Fight:
Star Allies, Unite!: Konna-Nani
Sing a Song of Serendipity: soranagi
i found myself crying by your grave: heke
I’m Not Entirely Okay, But I’ll Get There: @rokkrn
A Royal Card in the Game: @RatedKatzchen
As the Spring Breeze Blows: @PictoPatch
void exists in all dimensions: sencha (coldcolor)
Sisters Out of Their Element: rariatto (ganguri)
A Moment to Relax: GGGG
bear this torch against the cold of the night: @Rinv_krs
Neverland of Black and White: Asuna
hope and despair together: oyume
Despair in a Different Field: ???
someday, you gotta learn when to quit: mashuu (neko no oyashiro)
Soaping and Scrubbing: nishida megane

Any other thumbnail used is either official artwork, an in-game render, or made by me in some capacity.

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